CDMA giants, Reltel, Starcomms in battle for supremacy

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The last few weeks has seen CDMA mobile giants Reltel Wireless and Starcoms running media campaigns – both claiming to be the largest CDMA network in Nigeria. Both networks are also claiming 1.5million subscribers on their respective networks.

The competition is good, if not carried too far. But one network will certainly emerge ahead of the other. Time will make that clear.

Both Reltel and Starcomms operate Unified Access Licences and are fast spreading their services across the country, rolling out in city after city. Reltel has stated that it will be present in every state of the federation in the next 6 months.

This CDMA slugfest is reminiscent of the battle for supremacy between MTN and the then Econet Wireless in the early days of GSM in Nigeria. In terms of subscriber base, MTN has won that battle beyond dispute.

Besides coverage, both Reltel and Starcoms are also rolling out EVDO services and enticing consumers with a range of services and products, including internet access, smartphones, and wireless PC cards.