CDMA is dead: Here is what MTN Nigeria will do with Visafone

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MTN Nigeria has been working hard to acquire Nigeria’s last standing CDMA operator, Visafone, and according to information filtering in, they have finally succeeded. This is the final nail in the coffin of CDMA operations in the country. GSM has won what was a brutal war. No prisoners were taken.


Now, here is what MTN Nigeria will do.

1. Lay off staff. This is already happening. There is just no way around this. It always happens with acquisitions of this nature.

2. Convert existing infrastructure and software to support 4G LTE. Visafone’s CDMA licences covers a frequency band – the 700 MHz band – that is hot for LTE operations. Basically, what MTN has done is acquired the capacity to provide 4G LTE services without having to wait for the NCC to throw open 4G Licensing to GSM operators. And it is 100% legal.

You can expect to see a rollout of 4G LTE services by MTN Nigeria in the nearest future. In the meantime, we say, Adieu to CDMA operations in Nigeria. It has been a long, torturous path. May your soul rest in perfect peace.


  1. Wow.

    So they finally succeeded.

    Lets see what their 4G will even look like. We all know they will slash exhorbic price on it.

    Hopefully, N-tel will resurrect now before it’s too late

  2. Hello I have a question though, what will happen to visafone’s blackberry month data plan of 10tb?

  3. Knowing MTN I wouldn’t be surprised if they see this as opportunity to cash in on Nigerians before other Telcos move into the LTE market..

  4. NTel raised expectations and is still yet to be found. MTN will – supposedly – be well placed to be the main 4G show because they the penetration across the country. I hope it won’t be like the fraud the telcos they called broadband which wasn’t.

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