NCC has withdrawn all lines assigned to 7 dead CDMA operators

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Nigeria’s telecoms regulator, NCC, has NCC has withdrawn all lines assigned to 7 dead CDMA operators. Acxording to news reports, the affected operators are Starcomms, Zoom Mobile (formerly Reltel), Multi-links, MTS First Wireless, Mobitel Limited, Rainbownet Limited, and Odu’a Telecoms Limited.

This was a long time coming, as all these operators have been dead for quite a while. As such, this withdrawal is a formality.

The withdrawn lines and spectrums will now be re-allocated and put to profitable use.

Note that Visafone is an exemption and so is not on the list. MTN Nigeria acquired Visafone back in 2016.

All lines assigned to NITEL and its mobile arm, M-Tel, have also been withdrawn. Those two government-owned operators gave up the ghost long before the last of the CDMA telcos disappeared.



  1. So sad.

    I used CDMAs alot in the past.

    Used Starcomms for data subs and visafone for the free calls then.

    I’m reminiscing 😊

  2. Lolz.. Bye bye.. Let them revamp their facilities and let the living once aquire it

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