At a media event this afternoon, Chukwuemeka Agbata (CFA) was introducing me and mentioned that I had over 10 years experience in tech blogging. I

Blogging since 2004 – Celebrating Mister Mo

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At a media event this afternoon, Chukwuemeka Agbata (CFA) was introducing me and mentioned that I had over 10 years experience in tech blogging. I sat there dazed and wondering if it had been indeed that long. A few checks and consultations later (Thanks, Niyi Ajao!), and I was able to pin down exactly when I started tech blogging. November 28, 2004.

mr mo hands clasped

So, I have been blogging for over 11 years. Amazing. I hadn’t given it any thought before now. Then, with Niyi’s help, I was able to retrieve quite a number of my earliest blog posts – all of them published elsewhere before I started Mobility Arena in 2008. I will be putting them up soon. My earliest reviews were so brief! Hian. Don’t worry. You will get to read them for yourself.

These old blog posts of mine include reviews of relics like Nokia 3410, Motorola Accompli 008, Sagem MyX5, NEC n21i (an i-Mode phone), Siemens SL45, Nokia 6610, Sony Ericsson P800, and Trium 110, as well as news about Glo’s GPRS in the early days, long extinct tech events like e-NNOVATE (held annually back then), and more.

I remember that on my first tech blog, I hand-coded the pages in HTML, and then later XHTML. It was fun slaving away at HTML back then to make the pages mobile-friendly. Those were the early days of the mobile web! WordPress and other content management systems came later.

One thing is certain: I have had tons of fun as a tech blogger. I am still having a blast and intend to keep doing so. Perhaps in November this year, I can host a small party to celebrate 12 years of funtastic tech blogging.

In addition to running MobilityArena today, I also run a few other high profile digital publishing media: CPAfrica and CyberSchuulNews.

This is a good time to say a big thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey – friends, family, partners, readers and active participants on Africa’s largest mobile review site. You all rock! Let’s keep having a ball; shall we?


  1. It’s been a long journey. Happy Anniversary I must say. its been very enlightening since I’ve been lapping onto your blog for 2+ years now.
    I had to refer people to find tech solutions on your site.

  2. I must say you made tech blogging fun and simple to novices and non-techies. I remember reading several tech blogs but for the fact that your posts were so understandable, I was sold on (I believe it was called a different name back then). It’s been years and this is the only tech blog I follow religiously. Though I’m the ‘read-only’ type, rarely commenting, I follow consistently. Even when I’m offline for long, I’ll still take time to go through all that I missed.

    Thank you for this, I celebrate you Sir!

  3. Getting things done on the new site is a bit tricky I suggest a post on how to get things done. Like how to register, how to add friends, how to make your own post, etc.

  4. Congrats Mr. Mo. You’re simply da bomb! (As they say) Greater impact in the years ahead.

  5. Ebun,

    Thank you for the feedback. We have added the following links to the top of the website just below the logo:

    Invite Friends
    Write Blog Post
    Log Out

    Hopefully, that makes it easier to find your way around. To post a status update, just tap/click on the logo to return to the homepage to use the update box there.

  6. Congrats Mo! Nigeria’s pioneer Tech blogger that has remained committed where others failed.

    Looking forward to your 20th year – possibly become the oldest Tech blogger in Africa award 🙂

    Well done boss!

  7. CFA,

    Thanks, buddy. I appreciate your support. You do great work too. Looking forward to celebrating your milestones as well. God bless.

  8. Congrats boss. I hope there will be enough jollof rice and fried chicken at the parry sha. Na the Koko be that ooo. 🙂

    Well done sir

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