A celebration of hero mobile app developers

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The mobile app developer is that person who picks up the slack of the platform developer. For example, if a smartphone OS lacks a feature, an app developer rises up, and develops an app to fill that vacuum.

The irony of the whole situation is that whenever the smartphone OS matures and incorporates that feature, the app developer is left to count his losses after years of development.

face10 for bb10

When a smartphone OS is dying, it is enthusiast developers who sweat day and night to keep the platform going long after the owners have stopped updating. Think of the developers who kept updating Symbian apps. Think of those who are keeping the BB10 and Windows Phone communities alive.

This post was inspired by Nemory Studios’ brave efforts to keep the BB10 community alive. They are the developers behind notable BB10 apps like Face10, Ober for Uber, Dater for Tinder, Messenger for Facebook, and Inst10, among others. Memory Studios say they will keep BB10 alive. I certainly wish them all the best at it.


  1. It’s Nemory Studios on BB10, and Rudy Huyn on Windows Phone. And their apps are among the best, if not THE best on their respective platforms. I have apps from both and they were worth every penny.

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