Before you change your phone’s charging port board, read this!

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If your smartphone is having trouble charging, you may have to take it in for repairs. One of the solutions is to have the phone’s charging port board changed. This may however result in reception problems for your device.

Changing a phone’s charging port board: a true story

One of ours here on MobilityArena, EyeBeeKay, took his Inifinix Note 2 for repairs because its charging port was bad. The technician replaced the charging port board and the problem was fixed. The phone now charged again without issues.

But it wasn’t long before he noticed that the phone had developed reception issues. Now, the phone is plagued with dodgy network.

iPhone 6 charging port board
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Reading through this thread and this other one corroborates EyeBeeKay’s experience. The problem is that of faulty or fake replacement parts.

What you can do to avoid fake replacement parts

What can you do to not fall victim to this? One is that you are safer sending you device to an authorised service centre for any repairs. Yes; that tends to cost more. But then, it is understandable that original replacement parts would cost more than substandard ones.

If at all the charging port board of your phone needs replacing, it is best done by a qualified technician. In my opinion, that is valid for any other parts that need replacing as well.

Nokia 7 Plus Unboxing bottom ports

Where you are unable to get to an authorised repair centre, insist that the available technician uses original replacement parts. You are paying the piper afterall; you might as well dictate the tune.

Many corner store technicians are used to buying the cheapest replacement parts available because customers generally want to pay less. You have to make them understand that you want the best quality parts used for your device.

Yes; it will cost you a little bit more, but your phone will function as it should after the surgical operation.

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  1. I’ve always preferred to take my phone to the authorized service centre for any repairs. It costs more as the service centre is 2 states away, but I can’t afford substandard service.

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