Things have changed since the age of the earliest smartphones. There were common charging practices back then that are bad for modern smartphone batteries. If

How to charge your smartphone the right way

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Things have changed since the age of the earliest smartphones. There were common charging practices back then that are bad for modern smartphone batteries. If you charge your smartphone wrong, their batteries will not last and you will have to buy replacements more often. Here are a few tips on how to charge your smartphones, tablets and other devices the right way.

Most Important Thing To Charge Your Smartphone

Because we know that technical things can often get confusing to the average user, we will give you one overall tip that is essential. If you do not remember anything else, remember this at al times: top-ups are the best way to charge your smartphone.

In other words, charge them a little at a time whenever you can. If your battery is at 60% when you get in the car, plug it in. Your battery level drops to 65%, plug it in. Any time your battery level is between 50% and 90% is a good time to top it up.

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Avoid Full Discharges

Do not wait till your smartphone battery empties before plugging it in. Full discharges will shorten the life span of your battery.

With batteries used in older phones, complete discharges were required. If you were used to charging your phones that way, it is time to change that habit. Today’s smartphone batteries perform better and last longer when you do not completely discharge them.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Hot environments are bad for your smartphone in general, and especially bad for its battery. So are extremely cold temperatures.

Do not leave your smartphone lying on the car dashboard and do not put it in a freezer either. Extreme temperatures will damage the battery, impair its performance, and shorten its lifespan.

Unplug When Charged

If possible, do not charge fully up to 100%. This is very often impractical though, so the next best thing is that you need to unplug the device as soon as it is fully charged. Yes; quite a number of phones have intelligent charging these days, meaning they stop charging automatically once the battery is full, but there are some that do not have that feature. Try to avoid leaving your phone plugged for long periods after the battery has hit 100%.

Do Not Forget

Again, if you forget everything else, do not forget this one: shallow discharges and recharges put less stress on your smartphone battery, so plug in your phone as often as the opportunity is available.

If you practice the above healthy charging tips, you will find that your smartphone batteries last longer and perform better. That way, you may not ever need to buy a new battery for your smartphone in its 2-3 years lifetime with you.

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  1. I have adopted this charging techniques and i can give testimony to the enormous benefits to this.

    Our phones are smarter, more efficient and reliable

  2. Good advice.

    The batteries in the electric vehicles (EV) don’t seem to need so much babysitting.

    Charge anyhow it pleases you, discharge as you like, they are still guaranteed for over a million kilometres.

    Why can’t SmartPhone batteries outlast phones, and withstand any kind of treatment? Perhaps the phone / battery makers aren’t passing the kind of attention they pay to other aspects – to battery tech evolution?

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