ChatPics – Share Pics and Chat with BBM in Real Time

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ChatPics changes how you share pictures with BBM, delivering more from your BBM.

With ChatPics send real-time pictures and chat simultaneously using BBM and ChatPics, launching BBM to new levels of functionality and fun. No more hunting for pictures in your folders, no more attachements, snap a pic and it’s there instantly.

Here’s some tips to get you going with ChatPics.

– ChatPics is an app you use with someone else who also has ChatPics, so get your contacts to download ChatPics by clicking “Tell A Friend” from the Menu list in ChatPics.

– Click on the Invite button at the top of the ChatPics screen to start chatting (only friends that have ChatPics will be listed).

– Your friend will get a BBM to accept your invitation, once they accept, ChatPics will launch on their device and you will both be “Connected” in Chatpics.

– Chatting in Chatpics is the same as BBM, except for the magic with pictures.

– Click on “Snap Photo” and take a picture, you’ll see the picture in ChatPics and your friend will see the picture in a just a few seconds.
Click on any picture to see it full screen.

– Your friend can also “Snap Photo” and you’ll see their picture. There is no limit to how many pictures you and your friends can take.

– You or your friend can invite as many of your other friends that have ChatPics to join your chact and see your pictures, all of you will see each others pictures and you can all chat together.

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