If you are hunting for ridiculously cheap power banks in India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and other emerging markets, you will find plenty. But do not be

The scourge of cheap power banks

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If you are hunting for ridiculously cheap power banks in India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and other emerging markets, you will find plenty. But do not be quick to jump at them.

I understand that there are lots of people who are on a budget and need to squeeze out the last drop from their available resources. That is very valid and I have no issues with that. I am actually with you on it, if that is your situation.

What you do not want is spend money on a product that does not deliver on its promise or that is substandard. That is not maximizing your available cash. Instead, you are wasting it.

So, let me explain how I got to this and why I am writing about it.

cheap power banks in india pakistan Nigeria

I saw an offer for a cheap power bank. It was a 12,000mAh unit, and the asking price was N4,700. It sounded too good to be true! So, I looked around a bit on eCommerce stores and sites that sell gadgets.

There were quite a number of offers for similar products. I even saw a 20,000 mAh unit for N8,000. And they offered special features like quick charging, sometimes even wireless charging.

Because I know those features do not come cheap, I snooped around some more. Every time I saw such a cheap high capacity power bank offer, I would scroll down and read buyer comments – feedback left by those who had purchased the products.

Guess what I found? Tons of complaints and bad feedback.

The problem with ridiculously cheap power banks

Here are some of the buyer comments I found:

“The product is not as advertised. It is certainly not 10,000 mAh. More like 3,000 mAh.”

“It charged my phone once and died.”

“Not bad for the price, but it doesn’t charge my phone fast.”

Cheap power bank

In other words, none of those products were solid. If it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

After seeing all sorts of juicy offers for 10,000 mAh power banks, and then reading up on buyer comments, I knew people were being taken for a ride. Not only would those products not perform as advertised, they would also die much faster.

In some cases, they might cause some damage to your phone or to you. Substandard products are generally not safe.

All the cheap offers that I got where from eCommerce operations and websites that sell and ship mobile devices and gadgets to Nigeria, India, Pakistan and other countries in their demography.

It makes sense. There are many mobile users in those countries looking for the most affordable options available. They are being taken advantage of. Do not fall victim.

One way to make sure of that is to read buyer comments on those sites and apps, especially from verified buyers. That way, you can have an idea of what the product is really like before buying.

Do not fall victim to the scourge of cheap power banks in India, Nigeria, Pakistan, or even Ghana, Kenya or Uganda.

The game is the same everywhere. I would rather buy a product that costs a bit more and use it with peace of mind than jump at a ridiculous offer and risk wasting my money, endangering myself, and killing my phone.

Meanwhile, I am still searching for a replacement for my high capacity, quick charge power bank. If you are wondering why, I logged into Amazon and proceeded to place my order. The service displayed a notice that said, “This product does not ship to Nigeria”

A few more tries with similar products returned the same notice. It does not look like Amazon is my source this time. Ans so, aluta continua.

What I want is a 10,000 mAh power bank with QuickCharge 2.0 at least. Holla at your boy!

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  1. You’re right. Got one on jumia the other day and I almost felt like crying. Delivered item is not even the same as the image placed on the product on the website

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