There are 4G LTE mobile networks all over the place these days, so it is not out-of-place for people to be hunting for a bargain

The cheapest 4G smartphones you can buy in 2018

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There are 4G LTE mobile networks all over the place these days, so it is not out-of-place for people to be hunting for a bargain smartphone that can do 4G. If you have lots of cash to burn, there are scores of 4G smartphones out there for you to splurge on But if you are on a budget, not so many. So we hunted out the cheapest 4G smartphones you can buy in 2018 just for you.

There are a few things to note though. There is such a thing as 4G compatibility. Your 4G smartphone will not work with all 4G networks, so you have to find out what 4G bands your preferred network runs and then make sure that the phone you want to buy supports that band. So, be sure to look in the “Supported 4G Frequency bands” section for each phone listed below.

Also, when shopping for the cheapest 4G smartphones, many of them will run older software. The older the software, the greater the chances of app incompatibility (as rare as that may be), as well as other issues.

Lastly, for the purpose of this article, we shall be sticking to 4G smartphones that cost below N30,000 and we shall work our way down to the very cheapest of the lot.

The Cheapest 4G Smartphones In 2018

Lenovo Vibe C

cheapest 4G smartphones in 2018
OS: Android 5 Display: 5″ Battery: 2300mAh Camera: 5MP

Supported 4G Frequency Bands: 850 / 8(900) / 1900 / 1(2100).

Lenovo Vibe C costs the most on this list, but it is also the coolest. It has a very nicely designed body that looks really decent.

Price: N29,500.

Have a look at the Lenovo Vibe C specifications


OS: Android 6 Display: 5″ Battery: 2500mAh Camera: 5MP

Supported 4G Frequency bands: 3(1800) / 7(2600) / 20(800).

It has the biggest battery on this list.

Price: The TECNO W3 LTE costs about NGN27,500.

TECNO W3 LTE Specifications

Freetel ICE 3

freetel ice 3
OS: Android 7 Display: 5″ Battery: 2100mAh Camera: 8MP

Supported 4G Frequency bands: 1(2100) / 3(1800) / 7(2600) / 8(900) / 19(800) / 20(800). It has the widest 4G network support of all the phones listed on this page. It also runs the most recent software – Android 7 Nougat.

Price: The ICE 3 costs about NGN27,000.

Freetel ICE 3 specifications.

Ntel N1 Nova

ntel nova
OS: Android 6 Display: 3.5″ Battery: 1800mAh Camera: 5MP

Supported 4G Frequency bands: 8(900) / 3(1800).

If you are going to consider the Nova N1, note that one SIM slot is locked to Ntel’s 4G network and the other SIM slot does not support 4G. In other words, the only 4G SIM card you can use with it is an Ntel SIM card.

Note also the small screen, but it is touchscreen and we managed to type on it with some inconvenience (see our Ntel Nova N1 review).

The Nova N1 costs NGN25,000 with a month’s unlimited internet bundle from Ntel.

Ntel Nova N1 specifications

Yezz Andy C5VP

Yezz Andy C5VP
OS: Android 4 Display: 5″ Battery: 2020mAh Camera: 13MP

Supported 4G Frequency bands: 3(1800) / 7(2600) / 20(800).

Yezz Andy C5VP is still the cheapest 4G smartphone we have been able to find. It also runs the most dated software, but has one of the beefiest batteries on this list and the highest specc’d camera. You can read our Yezz Andy C5VP review to see how it fared in real life use.

If you are hunting for the cheapest 4G smartphone around, it is hard to find any that matches its price.

Cost: It costs about NGN12,000.

Yezz Andy C5VP specifications.

Budget 4G Smartphones Above NGN30,000

If the smartphones listed here are a bit too tame for you and you can afford to spend a little more, there are more options in the market. You can have a look at our list of best budget 4G smartphones. It was published over a year ago, but some of the devices listed still qualify. We will also update it with new devices.

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