What is the cheapest data plan in Nigeria?

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Internet penetration in Nigeria has come a long way since GSM technology was launched in 2001. The advent of the mobile networks saw the emergence of internet access that was available nationwide. But cost has always been an issue. In 2013, someone had a dream of when 3 GB mobile internet data for N1,000 would be available to Nigerians. I responded then that it would happen soon. From then on, the cheapest data plan in Nigeria inched on gradually towards that goal post.

cheapest data plan in Nigeria

When we speak about the cheapest data plan in Nigeria, we are looking at a plan that is usable all through a month at the lowest cost possible for users of generic mobile phones and smartphones. This excludes BlackBerry internet Service (BIS) users, who are becoming an extinct breed anyway.

In 2014, it sort of happened, but you needed to buy a 24 GB plan at the cost of N8,000 to get the equivalent of 3 GB for N1,000. That was far outside of the reach if the average Nigerian. That has now changed and in 2016, there is a 30-day data plan that offers more than 3 GB for just N1,000.

The cheapest data plan in Nigeria

Network: Glo 3.2 GB data for 30 days Cost: N1,000

This is currently available on the Glo network. The awesome thing is that whether you are using a 2G phone, 3G phone or 4G phone, this data allocation is available across board. 2G/3G users can subscribe to the above plan. 4G users too can subscribe to a 4G plan (called 4G LTE 1000) that offers 3.2 GB for N1,000. The validity period is 30 days.

  • Glo Always Micro for 2G/3G subscribers
  • Glo 4G LTE 1000 for 4G subscribers

Even better is the fact that it is shareable across multiple Glo lines. Think of the possibilities. For one, two people can spend N500 to subscribe to the plan and then share usage.

In summary, the cheapest data plan in Nigeria is the 3.2 GB plan by Glo.

How To Subscribe

To subscribe for 3.2 GB data for N1,000, dial *777# and follow the prompts.


  1. Even if it free I’m not going back to glo unless they do something about the data network.

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