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If you shoot videos on your phone or camera, you could use video editing software to make it look perfect before you share it online. Furthermore, if you don’t need to do so much, there are several free options for you to try out that can do what you need to really fast. Also, if you need a full video-editing suite that will give you complete control over how the finished work looks and sounds, you will find lots of free video editing software for the task. Here are some of the best free video editing software you can find:


This is a video editor that puts professional-quality tools within your reach, regardless of your budget. It is far more than a tool for cutting clips. Reports state that big-name movies like The King’s Speech were created on it. Lightworks is definitely not easy to use immediately, but when you get the hang of it you would enjoy it. Furthermore, you can arrange the various controls and windows to suit your working video editing software


This is another professional-looking free video editing software that requires a little patience if you need to master it. The interface is quite unusual. This is mainly because the software was originally a Linux tool, and there has not been much change in its conversion to Windows. However, the fact is that Shotcut boasts of some pretty impressive features. All you need is to spend time learning it, and you will produce amazing quality video in no time.


Most video editors have two major issues: they are either limited in features while being simple and easy to use, or they are powerful and time-consuming to learn. VideoPad Video Editor is neither one nor the is powerful, yet simple and easy to use. so simple, in fact, that you can use it if you have never touched a video editor before. Granted, it does not have as many features as Lightworks, but you can make really great videos with it.

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