Disclaimer: Advertisement Please desist from playing with Custom ROMs, if you are fainthearted. Mobility is not responsible for whatever happens to your device. Before you start playing…

Check out these Custom ROMS for the Gionee M2



Please desist from playing with Custom ROMs, if you are fainthearted. Mobility is not responsible for whatever happens to your device. Before you start playing with custom ROMS make sure you are rooted, custom recovery is installed, and you are fully backed up. If you follow instructions religiously you’ll be fine.

One brand that has truly impressed this past year is Gionee. They’re not as prominent and dominant as Tecno in the Nigerian market, thanks to the strong advertising of the later. I’ve ignored them for a while, till I got myself one of their devices. Since then, it has been bliss all the way. Here are the reasons why I prefer Gionee over Tecno.


I own and use the Gionee M2, and for those who don’t know, there are over 15 custom ROMS for the phone. Gionee brand is popular in India, so the Indian developers picked interest in the device, and developed custom ROMS for it.

Custom ROMS help to change the interface of a phone, they most times come with features your phone never had before. All the same, custom ROMS are fun to use and change as you please. Please note, before you start playing with custom ROMS, you MUST be rooted, and must have installed a custom recovery to backup your current ROM in case of any mishaps.


Here are a few Custom ROMS I’ve used on the Gionee M2.


This is the very first custom ROM I installed. It is based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for the M2. This one transforms your phone to a typical Xiaomi phone with all its features intact. The ROM came with almost everything inbuilt like, Power Saving features, system cleaner, traffic monitor  and lots more combined in a fluid and intuitive user interface. It is exactly what Android should have been like.



The Achilles heel of this ROM was that the front camera never worked on my device (as at when I tried it) and it used a lot of RAM. A fix came out for the camera issue, but then I moved on.


This ROM is based on Android 4.4 KitKat for the Gionee M2 this means that you must have upgraded your phone to KitKat before installing this ROM. Basically, this ROM offers you the raw undiluted Android KitKat experience Featuring Screen Cast, Cloud Print, support for Xposed modules like Gravity Box, etc.



CleanKAT ROM :

This ROM was a very good release from developer Umang Leekha . It is the lightest Gionee M2 ROM till date (about 180MB). It contains lots of underground tweaks e.g ad blocking, also Xposed Installer and Gravity Box are imbibed in the Settings area. This ROM is smooth and lightweight, I used it for a long time before moving on.


Android L UI ROM:


This is another great ROM from the Indians, based on Android 4.4 KitKat, it offers some of the UI changes found in Android L. Settings, Notification Bar, Status Bar and almost all the other elements were themed to look like Android L. In display settings, You can change Fonts (works with root) and there are options to change the battery icon to whatever logo you want. This ROM offers an overall smooth experience and it’s what I use currently.

Android L UI-ROM

There are other notable mentions like Samsung Galaxy S4 ROM, Xperia Z ROM, Dark L ROM, Material + ROM etc.

Here’s a dedicated page for Gionee M2 mods ,development, and hacks. Credits to the Indian developers Umang Leekha, Geo Baby, Raju Raju, etc. For consistently cooking up these wonderful ROMS.


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  1. nice one. have you had to update 4.2.2 to kitkat on your GIONEE M2. I had a challenge with camera when I did and I couldn’t revert back. I would be grateful if you research a fix and let us know. thanks

  2. The rear camera isn’t working(sum1 cant switch frm frnt camera to back camera). I face same issue

  3. There’s a fix for that now. Check for Gionee M2 ARGN group on Facebook. They’ll help you with a fix

  4. The camera quality is greatly improved on the MIUI ROM. (In terms of camera quality) You won’t notice much change on the other ROMS

  5. I have some question pls help me..i upgrade my gionee m2 to Cleankat rom (kitkat),, can i replace the other Rom like Axer rom(kitkat)..can it be damage easily?

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