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We once announced that 3GB data on GLO could be gotten for approximately N1000 .


N2,000 gives you 2.5GB data. Dial *127*55# to purchase it.

N3,000 gives you 4.5GB data. Dial *127*54# to purchase it.

N5,000 gives you 12GB data. Dial *127*11# to purchase it.

The bonus data can be used any day, any time.

Below is a YouTube ad for the data plan.

Thanks to Saiddiggie for tipping us off.

  1. The 5000 naira plan for 12 gb has thrashed mtn’s 2500 naira night plan for 4.5 gb

    The 8000 Naira plan for 24 gb mentioned in the other article is also impressive

    I am now moving over to glo for data

  2. good move, but they need to think about non techies ie regular people who use their phones for communication and rarely download and therefore 1 GB or less on a monthly basis and bring up cheap 500 MB & 1 GB plans. as for me i’m sticking with etisalat, glo’s network sucks in my area, using glo for data’d be a painful experience

  3. It’s a good thing, GLO always being the first to bring down prices. Lower data volumes necessary for the non DATA VAMPIRES.

  4. Good thing is that it can be shared, so subscribe to a large plan and share with friends and family.

    Its not gonna last long though as it’s just a promo, its running for about four months… So enjoy it while it lasts.

  5. Great deals, but glo data service in my area is terrible. I use it though, because I can share with friends and family.

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