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Sometime ago we announced to you Swiftkey Greenhouse -an initiative from makers of popular Swiftkey keyboard- as an avenue of testing out new innovations. The first product they announced was Clarity Keyboard, a very powerful prediction keyboard app.

Hexy Launcher

Few days ago, they unveiled another app, a launcher this time called Hexy Launcher. This is a launcher with an extra swag. It presents all your apps on a sliding page with all icons arranged in a hexagonal array like that of honey combs.

Hexy Launcher (2)

Hexy learns from the way you use apps in order to predict the app you most likely want to use next. The hexagon at the center contains your apps Hexy learns are most relevant to you. There’s also support for widgets and a search bar for a quick app search.

Download Hexy Launcher HERE and be sure to give them feedback to make the app better.

  1. I was skeptical at first, but I’ve been sold. I like their boldness to step out of the common design paradigm!

  2. Hate the way it scattered my apps…. So did organised.. The app search feature is its saving grace

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