Check out the first drive of the 2016 Lexus GS F

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The Lexus GS F is a return to a more conventional sports car. It has a unique engine, fine bodywork, and a chassis tuned for high performance. It has a few settings one can play with. Drive Mode, Sports S+ Mode, Eco mode, etc.

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The first setting is the Drive Mode Select dial on the center console. This Drive Mode Select also changes the electronic power steering, air conditioning, and stability control (you can also turn these things off off via a separate button).


Eco mode is best for regular driving. This mode softens the throttle and reduces the use of air conditioning for better fuel economy. It also makes the center-mounted tachometer (instrument for measuring the rotation speed of a shaft or disk ) switch into an eco-driving gauge.

Sport S+ mode is best when you want to drive fast. This mode puts everything into sport mode ; a heavier steering weight and a higher stability control threshold.

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