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Microsoft Power bank (2)

Microsoft has just joined the list of phone manufacturers making power banks. Not bad if you ask me, but I feel this is coming a bit too late, with the likes of Xiaomi and One Plus already in the market. Today, Microsoft unveiled 3 models of power banks:

  • Model DC-32 at 5,200mAh, priced at $35.
  • Model DC-33 at 9,000mAh, priced at $45.
  • Model DC-34 at 12,000mAh, priced at $55.

Microsoft claims that these banks Portable Dual chargers come with two USB ports for simultaneously charging two devices, and 4 LED indicator lights to show how much charge is left.

Microsoft Power bank (1)


Microsoft says these power banks are can hold up to 80% of charge even if abandoned for several months. This entails that you charge it fully before keeping it. The power banks will go on sale in select countries in coming weeks.




  1. I believe their power banks will be of higher quality than those ones in the market.
    A power bank that came along with an itel inote I bought over a year ago didn’t last for one month before packing up.

  2. Where these shine compared to others, is that you can fully charge your powerbank, abandon it for days/months, and it will be flat. I would like to think the ability to retain the charge when it hasn’t been used for months would be an advantage.

    Now just add a torch to it….

  3. Let us pray and hope that, before the Genuine Microsoft’s Power Banks hit Nigerian market, our fast-Bizmen will not bring is inferior models of the Power Banks to Lagos just as we have inferior Samsung branded Power Banks in the markets now.

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