Check Point finds malware pre-installed in smartphones

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As a smartphone user, you have to beware of all the malware and ransomware that are on the Internet. Therefore, it is wise to take certain measures to protect your phone from threats. However, cybersecurity company Check Point has disclosed that some Android smartphones come with malware straight out of the box.

android mazar malware

Check Point discovered a severe infection on 38 Android-powered phones. The malware was pre-installed. However, this malware did not come from the manufacturers. Apparently, some hackers managed to get their malware into the smartphones between the time they were manufactured and the time they were sold.

The 38 Android devices which had the pre-installed malware belonged to big smartphone makers, though Check Point did not mention names. It does not mean that every new smartphone automatically has pre-installed malware. However, it would be a good idea to only buy your smartphones from trusted sellers.



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