Check Point reveals security flaw in WhatsApp, Telegram

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Cybersecurity company, Check Point, revealed a security flaw that allowed hackers to take over hundreds of millions of WhatsApp and Telegram accounts.

WhatsApp and Telegram make use of end-to-end encryption to make sure of user privacy during chats. This is a good thing, as it ensures that no one else can read chats between two users. However, this encryption has helped spread an infection on WhatsApp Web and Telegram Web. The hacker would just send the intended victim an innocent-looking file, like an image. Once the user clicks on the file, the hacker gains access to their local storage. Then the hacker gains access to the victim’s account. From there he could send the malicious image to all their contacts.

malware security flaw

Check Point revealed this security flaw to WhatsApp and telegram on March 7. Since then, both companies have fixed the problem. Now, all content is validated by WhatsApp and Telegram before it is encrypted.


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