How To Check SmileVoice Balance

This is a very simple matter. How colours are combined on an app affect readability. SmileVoice app for Android OS is an utility that allows Smile subscribers to make calls with, send/receive SMS, and check SmileVoice balance. It works fine for the most part but fails badly in one of those areas.

How To Check SmileVoice Balance

To check SmileVoice balance, you have to open the app and send Y as an SMS to 343.

That is the procedure to check SmileVoice balance using the app. At the time of writing this article, there is no other way to do that.

The screenshot below is that of the SMS interface. I had sent Y to 343 to check my account balance. Have a look at the image and tell me if you can read clearly everything in the SMS response.

Check SmileVoice balance

First, what is “&#x20a6”? Greek? Spanish? At this point, I am willing to chalk it up to the biblical “tongues of angels”. And then, what is that figure written in blue? That is how much “credit” I have in my account. You may be able to make it out on a PC screen, but that figure in blue is unreadable on my smartphone screens. I have suffered this hardship for months across different smartphones.

Jumping Hoops To Check SmileVoice Balance

I have to take a screenshot of every received balance message and then send to my PC before I can read it. Or I have to copy out the text and paste somewhere else with a white background in order to be able to read it. What is the point of sending me my account balance in a format that is visually unreadable on the interface it is received in? It is a mobile app. I need to be able to read it on my phone.

A Simple Change Is All

I made a simple suggestion to Smile Communications months ago. All they needed to do was change the colour scheme used in the SmileVoice app. Get rid of the grey background. Make it white. You can’t go wrong with a white background in this case. I am betting that it doesn’t take more than one line of code to change that background. But we are still battling with this months later.

You have to ask: did someone in-house not test this section of the SmileVoice app before the app was published? And is no-one at Smile listening to user complaints? May this not turn out to be a case of the war being lost for lack of a shoe nail. Smile Communications needs to change this now.

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