Did you know? There are custom ROMs available for the Infinix Hot Note and Infinix Hot Note Pro. Both phones are basically the same except for a…

Update: Check out these custom ROMs for the Infinix Hot Note/Hot Note Pro

Did you know? There are custom ROMs available for the Infinix Hot Note and Infinix Hot Note Pro. Both phones are basically the same except for a few hardware differences in the later. Huge credits to Nigerian mods that ported this ROMs to work on these phones. Below are the list of available ROMs.


Material V4 ROM: This ROM is a Lollipop themed version of Material KitKat OS. It somewhat reminds me of CyanogenMod OS. The ROM is bug free, smooth and offers lots of customization. Though you need to go extra steps to install this one. Find out more about it HERE or HERE.



xTremeVanilla V3 ROM: Is  also based on KitKat specifically for Mediatek devices. The ROM was ported from Micromax A310, and offers a different UI. It has themed Dialer & Status Bar icons, Beats audio, Xposed support, Great battery backup, and many more. Find out more HERE.

Xtremevanilla v3


Samsung Galaxy S5 ROM: This is a ROM ported directly from Samsung Galaxy S5 for MTK devices. It features Touchwiz UI in it’s full glory. Download it HERE.



We all know the case with custom ROMs. You must be rooted and have CWM Recovery installed.

  • Download the ROM and copy it directly into your SD card.
  • Reboot to Recovery.
  • Wipe Data/factory reset.
  • Select Install zip.
  • Choose the Zip file from the SD card.
  • Select Install.
  • Wait till the installation is completed.
  • Then select ‘Reboot System’.

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. Mobility isn’t responsible for whatever happens to your device. So don’t blame us if you incur any damages. This is not for the faint-hearted,the ROMs above have been flashed and worked successfully.

Update 10/7/2015:

Two users have reported a bug with the S5 ROM. There’s an issue with the phone’s mic after flashing whereby, your callers won’t be able to hear you from the other end. Please take note of this before embarking on this mission.

Update 25/07/2015:


A Mobilista Husny shared a link to a better bugless Samsung Galaxy S5 ROM. The link has been duly updated.

Here are also more custom ROM’s available for the Infinix Hot Note/Hote Note Pro:

  • PussyFab v2.50 ROM: This is a Lollipop 5.0 themed ROM with lots of optimizations. Find out more about it HERE.
  • MIUI v6 ROM: This is a Super smooth, and very beautiful ROM. It’s actually what I’ve been using on my Gionee M2 for weeks now. Comes with a clean iOS-like UI and a host of other customizations. Find out more HERE.
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  1. First of all you must be rooted. Then follow the link in the article to install CWM Recovery on your phone. Boot to recovery mode by holding down Power button and volume up button( when Powering up your phone). Select the option to backup. The backup files will be saved in Clockworkmod folder in your SD card

  2. hi elroy.
    i installed the samsung s5 rom on my infinix hot noteand its really nice.however i found out that people cant hear me when i talk.i think its a mic issue which wasnt present before installing the rom.i did a google search and it said to uncheck the noise reduction in call setting which isnt present in the custom rom.what can i do cos i really like the rom

  3. Also the front camera is green but the back camera is fine hope these bugs r fixed
    ur welcome

  4. But the xtremevanilla 3 is for note pro….that’s what it says in the link provided here…..I want to be sure before I flash, am using hot note

  5. I’m using the extreme vanilla on infinix hot note I haven’t seen any bug so far

  6. is s5 rom has the same in-call screen and caller-info screen of samsung? means the number of the contact i dial shows while incoming and outcoming calls?

  7. Pls am confused….. The link on this blog for vanilla 3 leads to nairaland, and there yomitech is saying that the ROM is for hot note pro….and now you said you are using it on hot note, pls which link did you download yours from…is it the same nairaland, if its not pls give me link where I can download the vanilla 3 for hot note….thanks Sir in advance

  8. Thank you sire…..I will try it and give you reply, and remember to update us about the s5 ROM if it’s been fixed

  9. why after I install S5 rom, i can not go into recovery mode ? how to fix and how to install cwm for this case ?

    thank you before for the repply comment

  10. With phone switched off, hold down together power button and volume up button to boot to recovery mode. If that doesn’t work, follow this link on how to install recovery Make sure to download the correct recovery file for your phone before flashing

  11. hi elroy.i got a solution to the mic no working issue after installing the s5 ROM from mtkroms.com.

    it says “replace libaudio.primary.default.so from stock to port”

    how do i do this??

  12. Ok this is good. You need to have your former ROM backed up somewhere. Navigate to the root folder-system/lib/libaudio.primary.default.so then copy out this file. Replace it in the same folder as the S5 ROM. Then re-install the ROM. It should definitely work now. I’ll advise you use a PC to do this.

  13. I flashed the vanilla v3 ROM…..but can’t change imei number, used mobile uncle it said “command at msent” but if I check my imei it’s still not changed…..I restored the one I backed up before flashing still not restoring. Any suggestion here, cuz am thinking of reverting to stock rom

  14. used mobile uncle it said “command at msent” but if I check my imei it’s still not changed

    You have to reboot and try it again maybe something was wrong.

    I restored the one I backed up before flashing still not restoring. Any suggestion here,

    Try moving the backup file to the root of your SD card or internal storage as the case maybe and try again

  15. What could possibly go wrong…..I used the same method of changing imei that I ve been using for long now “ECHO AT+EGMR=1,10,”imei” it said command at msent, rebooted.. Still nothing

    I did AT+EGMR=1,10,”imei” it said this command is not allowed in userbuild

  16. Replacing the libaudio did fix the mic on my infinix note, but when playing music through speaker and phone the music sounds awful. The sound isn’t good at all

  17. i instaled the infinix lolipop 5 rom and the problem is that auto rotation does not work

  18. I have a bug-less s5 ROM for infinix x551 thanks to mostafa ismail if anyone interested I can drop the download link

  19. The 3rd ROM ported from S5 is the best so far, especially in audio playback. It is what I’ll choose if all things were working well.
    The MIC is the only issue. It works with headphones. Its as if the phone thinks there is headphone plugged into it when there is non and so should be relying on headphone mic when actually there is nothing plugged in.
    I think the plugged and unplugged headphone jack state was wrongly coded.

  20. husny

    Please, I need the s5 bugless ROM for Infinix Hot Not that has a working MIC.

  21. I’ve tried the update to the S5 ported ROM (http://www.mediafire.com/?3k9sj127s31987s ) having the best audio so far, the MIC now works.
    But the FRONT CAMERA is stock at 1Mp and the BACK/REAR CAMERA is stock at 4MP. Also, only EDGE MOBILE data comes on, it could not enter 3G MOBILE data.
    I refomated and flashed several time but it still failed entering 3G, I had to revert back to the Material ROM.

  22. So Michael N. So the ROM doesn’t support 3g? and the cameras are 4mp and 1mp? Does it affect the Camera quality and Internet speeds or its just a coding error? I hope and update will be available soon

  23. the quality of the camera doesn’t change despite 4 mp or 1 mp as for the 3g its in the settings u can change it from 2g/3g to 3g only

  24. For the Updated S5 ported ROM, the network radio fails to search for 3G service when in 3G mode.
    The the initial S5 ported ROM enters 3G mode which shows as 4G.
    And another thing, the updated version of the S5 ported ROM gives error when charging the phone being off.

  25. The Material ROM is the winner for animation during user interaction with the phone.

  26. As it is, there’s no fix for the 3G issue with the updated S5 rom. Developers out there pls help a brother out!

  27. The ROM does not support 3G. If you select 3G only, network connection will go off completely. Is there a fix for this?

  28. The Samsung s5 is working well stable download the update zip and the bugs will be fixed how to flash a rom into your phone determines the bugs you have. Reach me 08172161355 for assistance or whatsapp me

  29. Please i want to install the M v4 custom rom, is it bug free??? + what is the success rate of flashing the phone. I’m asking cos i just got the phone. Thanks

  30. you can copy the complete bin map from a stock rom or working custom rom to the s5 rom zip file under system/bin. Then install it.Then microphone will work again.

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