“Checkout” Visa’s new online payment system

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visa_checkout_logo Its all about the battle for who has the easiest online payment system and for we the users off course this only gives us a wider range of choice to choose from as Visa has joined the likes of Amazon, Google Wallet and Mastercard’s Masterpass as it introduces it’s own quick online payment system called “Checkout”.

Checkout aims at making online shopping as quick and easy as possible without having to go through the usual stress of inputting all of your credit card information details like numbers, expiry date etc. before purchasing an item. So this Visa service logs in your credit card information, even non-visa cards can be used, and lets you access them with just a log in ID and password and that’s all be it on your desktop (website),or mobile (iOS, Android). And another good thing is that you can start and finish your transaction on one page.


Though, it’s going to be hard competing a big online outlet like Amazon who already has a quicker one-click system. Visa is already working with a couple of well known stores like Pizza Hut and Lululemon. However, finding an online store to use the service shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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  1. And is this service available to Nigerian merchants? This post will only be most beneficial & relevant if Checkout is available to Nigerian merchants wishing to accept payment online

  2. Aw @William, you beat me to it! I was just about to ask whether the service is not only available to Nigerian merchants, but outside of the USA? I don’t get the impression it is at the moment.

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