I have been bullied, cajoled, coerced and practically beaten to review this ‘art piece’, so here I am trying to do this assignment a little

Chika’s Romance With The iPhone 5

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I have been bullied, cajoled, coerced and practically beaten to review this ‘art piece’, so here I am trying to do this assignment a little justice by being a little of this and that. iPhone 5 is/was a much awaited supposed masterpiece from the stable of Apple. There was a lot of expectations, hype, and criticisms both objective and subjective. In truth, much of the expectations from Apple on this piece wasn’t particularly met, but then again, it remains my opinion that this is a masterpiece of a phone. I would love to start with my first meeting with it.

I owned an iPhone 4 and was looking forward to upgrading to 5. I had planned and made contacts to get one once it was out. Then, I bumped into it at Slot. Looking at it, my first outburst was “WTF! This phone is just like my TV remote control!!” It looked too long, narrow, flimsy and light. I called a friend and told him that I would use the money I had set aside for the phone for something else, because that phone didn’t look like it was worth my hard earned money! I was totally pissed at Apple, but I eventually had a shift in thought when I sat down and “caressed” the phone! I became that being that swallowed back her spit!


Up close, I find the design incredibly fantastic! It is a hardcore compared to other smartphones around. It is sleek and not plasticky. Apple claims its the thinnest phone ever. I don’t know if it is, but it is super thin, slim and light. It is not as heavy as iPhone 4 and 4s.

The speakers produce sounds to listen to! Compared to its predecessors, the iPhone 5 is a huge improvement in sound reproduction! It churns out much better sounds than iPhone 4 and 4S. I daresay you would call audio on those two horrible should you compare. On iPhone 5, sound production is louder and you can hear some distinct acoustics that you won’t hear on the older models when you listen to music.

Did I mention the picture quality? Oh dear! You have got to get this phone if you are a lover of quality pictures. Yes; the Nokia 808 PureView beats it, but unlike the Nokia where one needs to know how to adjust the complex settings to get the pictures right, iPhone 5 camera is a straightforward point and shoot affair. No technicalities. When it comes to the front-facing camera, the difference doesn’t require expertise to spot. The FaceTime camera on the 4S supports “VGA-quality photos and video” in the 640×480 resolution, while the new one on the 5 brings 720p HD-quality video and 1.2-megapixel stills.


iPhone 5 supports folders, but while the folders on iPhone 4 can only take 12 apps each, the iPhone 5 supports up to 16 in one folder. If you are meticulously hot on non-clumsy home page, like I am, you can well have all your apps on just one page of your homescreen.

Faster over all performance! In use, iPhone 5 is generally smooth and fast. It is sleeker and more fun to use.


Okay…enough of the praises. The phone sucks sometimes….

Things I Hate

Of course, Apple’s closed and restricted ecosystem sometimes drives me crazy. For example, I don’t always need to pay for a damn song! You can’t save stuff to the phone by just copying them over. You can’t share stuff with other phone users, even other iPhone users. Please, has anybody been able to exchange stuff via Bluetooth between two iPhones or iPads? I’m guessing no!!!

[Don’t talk to her about a jailbreak! She’s no geek, please. – Editor]

I hate that this phone hangs sometimes. When it does, nothing moves… if you like, touch it or even caress it till eternity, nothing moves. I eventually learnt how to force it to shut down when that happens. Hold the power button and the home down at the same time. That will resets the phone and all is well again.

Unlike the iPhone 4 that has black bands at the top and bottom when you watch videos, iPhone 5 is without those bands and uses the full display when playing back video. I recently discovered an app (D/L music) which lets you download songs straight on your devices from Skull MP3 sites and then saves and plays them. No need to sync with iTunes.

The iPhone 5 side-by-side the Xperia P
The iPhone 5 side-by-side the Xperia P

If like me, you love simple, powerful, chicky, sexy devices, unclogged apps, quality pictures, and durability, I recommend iPhone 5. Trust me, it is more than worth your cash. And you can come here once in a while for updates on fabulous apps that you can install to spice up your experience with your iPhone 5, as I intend to share a bit of those too from time to time **winks**

In Conclusion

I guess there are things that suck and things that are fantastic in every device/brand. The question I usually ask is, What works for you? What drives you into getting a phone/device? That should be your guide in making a decision as to what to get for yourself. For now, iPhones just work for me, and the iPhone 5 is no exception. That could change tomorrow. Who knows? But for now? I absolutely love it!!!!

**…drops microphone and shakes “ikebe” outta here**


  1. A good romance. I love the title of this piece, it didn’t claim what it is not, just romance. I remember that the last time I tried a friend’s iPhone 4S, one thing that I really liked about the phone is the camera which passed the description of point and shoot. You don’t need to be good at it to snap good quality pictures, even of slow moving objects.

    Of course, the general operation of the device is very smooth but I’m quick to see how the usual restrictions on iDevices render those smooth operations irrelevant for me. Putting it bluntly, outside the camera and the basic telephony, SMS and web browsing, the smooth operations are without substance as long as I’m concerned. But as you can see here, I’m not concerned.

  2. Lol @ Chidi, it can be really annoying but trust me, Bb’s is suicidal. I just couldn’t stand it with that devilish clock like thingy

  3. Sometimes those limitations dont matter if the UX on the operating system is great and if the hardware specs is cool. Thats why you can’t compare iphone 5 to a Sony xperia P.

  4. Good piece but I have a ‘few’ words to say.

    “I have been bullied, cajoled, coerced and practically beaten to review this ‘art piece’, so here I am trying to do this assignment a little justice by being a little of this and that”.

    But why review a phone if you don’t want to? Review of a phone should be taken with passion and critical examination, not like an ‘assignment’. It’s obvious you were cajoled into writing this review and I’m sure you never really got much of your iPhone 4 not to talk about the 5. Cos if you did, you would know there are are apps that allows sharing of files between iOS products (bump and Instashare just to name 2). See, reviewers usually know and have used the product. Just like you can get an exlusive core android user to review an iPhone, the reverse also holds. Being that you are coming from an iPhone 4, I was expecting more on the good and bad sides of the phone. I was expecting you to take each aspect, like the screen, camera, OS etc under different sub headings. Honestly if it was only my android phone I had, I would have had a completely wrong opinion about the 5. I know this is your humble opinion on the phone but from the way it’s written, it’s leave more to be desired.
    From the look of the iPhone in the photo captured, you’ve not even removed the cellophane that came with it. Did you really use this phone at all?

  5. @Gambo: did you miss the part where oga mobility said Chika is not a geek?

    If you wanted a stunning review, you’d be hunting for that at Gsmarena and not wasting time attacking someone that just wants to express her views on a gadget.

    Using apps to perform common operations such as a bluetooth file transfer is a con for any mobile device in my opinion

  6. Well written piece. No mention of Siri and the Maps? Does Siri work in Nigeria? Does Apple’s own Maps cover Nigeria? I wish to know.
    If you remove the cellophane,what about the globally acclaimed nicks,scratches and chips on the iPhone 5 aluminium build? Or are they exaggerated?
    The iPhone 5 sure is great in its class. I love the excellent picture quality and other glittering stuff, but l can’t just enjoy living in a beautiful prison. I prefer freedom, even if not exotic one! All said, the constant truth is that there’s no perfect phone in the world. And there’s no best phone. You only choose what suits your need or fancy.

  7. Chika sorry for the assumptions, like I acknowledged, it’s a good write up no denying that fact and points you put out are your opinions. I hope I didn’t come off too harsh, if I did, sorry about that. It wasn’t intentional.

    Udegbunam if using third party apps to transfer files is a con, she didn’t differentiate if it was a con method nor a legitimate way of doing it, she just said as long as it isn’t JB method. Even at that, iPhoto is not a third party app, and it can be used to transfer photos through Bluetooth or the inbuilt WI-FI.

    Baoku, reviewing an iPhone (or any iOS product) without mentioning Siri or maps is really an omission even from a green horn like me. Even before google released their saviour maps, I’ve never used iOS maps because there’s no data for Nigeria except parts of Lagos and Port Harcourt. No other cities are supported, not even Abuja where I live. That’s a huge disappointment. Google Map is just too perfect, it’s a pity it cannot be made the default. As for Siri, it does not support locations in Nigeria, how stupid can that be? I use Siri sometimes but I prefer Google search app. Just that I feel siri is more intelligent but google is faster and the info graph is overwhelming.
    Baoku really summed it up, “there’s no best phone. You only choose what suits your need or fancy.”

  8. Sorry I forgot to add, I’m not a geek. My iphone 5 is not jail broken. I’m just an everyday normal user. Question please; when does having a different opinion from someone count as an attack on that person?

  9. Lawd!!!! I should be exiled from this blog for omitting these two important apps on IPhone 5. It is unforgivable to say the least Thanks so much Baoku for reminding my little forgetful mind. Pardon me guys.

    I will start with the mistake of an app called Imap!!! Anyways, they have done well by sacking the guy that headed that team. He did them alot of harm than good with that mess. Well, you could find your exact location with the Imap but what is a map if it can’t locate and help me navigate places I am not conversant with? Imaps can’t find two different locations and give you the directions, it will just throw up (directions can’t not be found between these two locations) what nonsense? Anyways, they knew better to get back Google Map on board.

    Oh yea, Siri works well here but you have to understand how you saved you contacts and their different phone numbers (as we have different lines in Naija) you need to understand and tell the voice which one you need to call at any time like Baoku home, mobile or office.

    And at the risk of dignifying Napon’s initial assumption, there’s no ‘cellophane’ on the phone nor any Screen Guard as well. The phone was as naked and bare as it could possibly be when Mr Mo took the pictures!

    I hope to clarify more on other generic apps anyone would like to know about. *bows out*

  10. Eeehn…@Gambo no offence taken, just the tone as @Chukwudi said but all the same, thanks for criticism/assumptions. They make one learn to be more careful. And like Mr Mo envisioned, I am no geek ooo, I just love mobile devices and what they can do. @Chidi thanks for having my back…. I owe you one.

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