China overtakes Europe to become Apple’s second biggest market

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This first quarter of the year, China has just overtaken Europe to become the second biggest market for Apple products (taking after the US), especially for iPhone sales. Increase in sales in recent years led Apple to focus more in the country. Helped by their huge population.

Apple recently opened up 5 new stores in China and a report from The Verge states that they earned $16.823 billion in revenue, a 71 percent increase from the last year. Here’s a representation of their sales growth


There was also a reported increase in App store revenue, over 100 percent. The Chinese just loves the iPhone.


  1. To the detriment of their own phones?Do we call it taste?Well their population is a
    major factor.

  2. Not surprising, as Apple has been hoping to break into the Chinese market. It looks like they’ve succeeded.

  3. Xiaomi never really bothered, until relatively recently, to try selling their phones outside of China, they were doing that well (think there’s an article somewhere on MobilityArena about Xiaomi’s success in China). But Apple has been trying for a while to break into the Chinese market but for the dominance of the likes of Xiaomi.

    Lenovo on the other hand has never been as China-centred as Xiaomi thanks to their other technology. Funny enough, it’s still quite easy to buy a Lenovo phone pretty much anywhere, but I don’t think Xiaomi has that many official channels to buy outside of China in the same way.

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