Chinese Consortium buys Opera browser… but there’s more

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Sometime ago, we reported that Opera will soon be sold to a Chinese consortium. It was also expected to be sold for $1.2 billion. But in a recent development, it was revealed that the deal has been struck – in parts.


The Consortium will acquire certain parts of Opera’s consumer business, and the deal has been approved by Opera’s Board of Directors. See the list of the sold parts:

  • Mobile Browser, including Operator Co-brand solutions
  • Desktop Browser
  • Performance and Privacy Apps
  • Opera’s technology licensing business outside of Opera TV
  • Opera’s 29.09% ownership in the Chinese joint venture

The following parts will not be sold:

  • Opera Mediaworks
  • Opera Apps & Games (including Bemobi)
  • Opera TV

Meanwhile, the remaining unsold parts will branch off as a separate entity with a new name. The deal is now said to be worth $660 million, and is still pending approval from several other regulatory bodies.


  1. This is all very interesting. Like I keep saying, the mobile world is going Chinese. First, it was the hardware makers. Now, software too.

  2. Just when Opera browser became default on my Mac, Note 4, IPad and Z10 now some company will come to screw with the seamless arrangement I’ve set up. Very displeased (as if anyone cares!!!)

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