What is a public park without WiFi? Mister Mo went visiting the new JJT Park at Alausa in Lagos state and shares his experience there.

Christmas Eve at JJT Park at Alausa, and free WiFi

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What is a public park without WiFi? Mister Mo went visiting the new JJT Park at Alausa in Lagos state and shares his experience there.


So, this year’s Christmas eve, I had about an hour of free time on my hands before an event and so headed off to experience the new JJT Park at Alausa in Ikeja, Lagos state. The park was built in honour of three former governors of the state – retired Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson, Alhaji Lateef Jakande, and Chief Bola Tinubu – and so named after them.

I had driven past the park during its reconstruction phase. I had also driven past a few tines after it was opened and had seen good views from outside. Here was a chance to get in and experience it for myself.


As expected, Christmas Eve was rush hour at the park. One could hear the loud music before one for in. The sight of a massive Eyo statue with a water fountain welcomed myself and other visitors in. The mist of the spray from the fountain offered some cool comfort from the blazing heat of the Harmattan sun.


Free WiFi!!!

jjt park free wifi
Just after the entrance was a heartwarming sign that announced the availability of free WiFi. Lagos state is thinking. What is a public park in 2017 without wifi?


A public park means a steady stream of individuals with smartphones and lots of selfies and photographs being taken. Nothing makes that picture sweeter than free wifi, a smartphones best friend.

As I sauntered around the park, I toggled my smartphone’s wifi switch, found the hotspot, and initiated a connection to it. Alas, It only got as far as “Acquiring IP address” and no more.


Being familiar with these things, I knew that meant too many people were already connected to the poor thing. It was a busy afternoon there after all.


JJT Park Is Educational Too

So I didn’t get to use the free wifi at JJT Park, but I did go round and saw enough. Beyond recreation, the park has a flag pavillion with information about different countries of the world for visitors to read at the base of their respective flags.

jjt park block monument flag pavilion


In the center of the pavillion is a black tiled block monument that had a monument with the faces of the honoured ex-governors carved on it. The block itself has a list of local governments in Lagos inscribed on one side of it. There might be other information on it but I didn’t get a chance to see all of its four sides.


As mentioned before, the park has a children’s playing area as well. It is quite an engaging place for lone wolves, for love birds, as well as for the family.

Perhaps there is even more to the park. I was on a tight schedule and had little time to spend there. Of course, I shall be back for a more leisurely time there.


PS: The JJT Park needs proper drainage facilities. I can’t believe anyone would design a park -especially one with such a massive fountain – without a thought to drainage of water. The problem was glaring during my visit. And when it rains? I don’t want to think about the resulting mess.

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  2. What about security?

    Would you be safe going there to sit down and engage in contemplative meditation at 10pm, and be sure goons would not attack / dispossess you of your possessions? .

    Security. Security. Security.

  3. There are at least two (2) RRS squad cars right outside the park and within earshot of any adult who yells for help, and three (3) more within half a kilometre radius if you dial 767 or 112 for help.

    This is unarguably the most secure public park in Lagos.

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