Chrome browser for iOS and Android gets new updates with cool new features

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Google has hard at work in recent times updating their apps, launching the “Find My Phone” feature, a handwriting app, etc. Chrome browser is the latest to be shown some love.


Here are some of the new features on the Android version:

  • Ability to monitor websites to pop-up notifications when their content changes. This can save you the stress of having to frequently visit a particular site. Though web developers still need to take advantage of the Push-API of the Chrome browser for this to work on some sites.
  • Ability to add websites to home screen. The process is decided by Google, whereby ,the app collates your browsing habits and then lets you add your favorite website(s) to your home screen.

For the iOS version , these are the new features:

  • Support for iOS extensions, which basically allows Chrome to interact with other apps.
  • A new widget that sits on the notification window. This allows you to open a new Chrome tab and it also lets users do a Google voice search .
  • Swipe controls: Swipe from up to down to Refresh page, slide to the left to open a new tab, also slide to the right to close a current tab. It’s funny iOS peeps never had this feature all along.

Head to your respective app stores and get the update.

iOS Link

Android Link



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