Chrome for Android is utter garbage compared to Windows Phone’s Internet Explorer

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Smartphone - Chrome vs Internet Explorer

Chrome is utter garbage compared to the mobile version of Internet Explorer. That is the opinion of Colm Smyth of Ireland’s Technology Blog. Here is how he put it:

Back on Windows Phone again now, one thing is clear coming from Android. Chrome is utter garbage compared to IE #WindowsPhone. I’m using new IE on WP81 Chrome is pretty crappy, garish looking, runs badly. IE11 is clean quick. UC is good but fiddly.

Have you used both the latest version of Chrome for Android and Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone 8.1? How do you compare both browsers?


  1. I don’t own any android device right now so I can’t comment on chrome, but the IE11 on this my Lumia 920 is awesome. It’s fast, smooth and… Well, I don’t know how to describe it sha. Since i updated to WP 8.1, I have stopped complaining of browser on WP. This is no longer a problem for me just as the keyboard is second to non.

  2. Chrome on Android may be buggy and coarse, but I can open up to 10 tabs on it. That’s a big plus. IE on wp8 allows only 6 tabs.

  3. I don’t know what he’s talking about. I have Android and Windows phone devices running the very latest OS versions and latest of both browsers. This I can say: If you want to enjoy both, you need fast data. (True) 3.5G minimum. Not the ones currently on offer by telcos pretending to have 3G that is epileptic at best.
    I run chrome on Google Nexus 4 (in fact I’m doing this from it) and IE on Nokia Lumia 520 running WP8.1 They run silky smooth. I use 4G through a Smile 4G MiFi router.
    Anything less than true 3.5G I suggest one sticks with Opera mini or UC browser.

  4. Comparing two different browsers on two different platforms seems pointless to me

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