Cicret Bracelet turns your skin into a touch surface

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This looks like something out of a science fiction flick, but if all goes according to plan, you should be able to carry out most of your smartphone tasks on your wrist. The Cicret Bracelet lets you interact with your smartphone right on your skin. Think of it as having a tablet on your skin.

cicret bracelet 1


According to the team behind the product, the bracelet runs Android OS and works on every skin color (yay!). It mirrors your smartphone’s screen and lets you interact with it just the way you would your smartphone. The Bracelet works with iPhone and Android smartphones and is water resistant, so you can use it in the bath tub or out in the rain. There are no details on battery capacity yet, but the battery is removable.

More Photos: Cicret Bracelet In Action

cicret bracelet 2


cicret bracelet 3

cicret bracelet 4


The Cicret Bracelet is not in commercial production yet. The second prototype is currently under production after Cicret successfully crowd-funded the cash needed to carry on.

Cicret Bracelet Concept Video



  1. This is impressive tech, as a POC, but this particular application of it is beyond dumb.

    Unless your smartphone screen is cracked, and you refuse to change it, or your are unable to change it, what usefulness would this serve, EXACTLY?

    If one could project the smartscreen on any surface (say, a large sheet of paper) and be able to interact similarly, they may have a winner, .

  2. Not everyone likes bringing out their phone from their pocket especially when the phone weighs over 160gramms… It is like saying bluetooth headphones are useless

  3. 3 years later and we are still waiting to see this.

    It also occurred to me that doing anything for extensive periods on this will leave you with a sore arm. Just imagine reading or chatting for an hour.

    You also lose 2-handed use for typing…

    While I see how this can deliver convenience, I also see how it might not be quite practical for intensive use.

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