Circus of the Absurd, a book typed out on a BlackBerry

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I keep hammering the mantra that it is not about mobile technology but what you do with it. The story of how a collection of short stories came to be published is an interesting case in point. Deji Rahman, formerly a journalist, and who now works with Fidelity Bank, is the writer of the collection, and he says that he typed out the stories on his BlackBerry.

Says Rahman:

“I wrote the stories over a period of six months. All the stories were written on my Blackberry phone while being driven to or from work, while waiting to see the doctor or any other person or once I am able to get an idle time on a week end. It’s all about interest, commitment and effective time management.

“If you do what is a passion to you, you will do it like some hobby. Some people still find it difficult that anybody can write that kind of volume on a phone. When people say this, I usually laugh. It was a very great and exciting experience. It was one of the most pleasurable things I have done in my life, one which I intend to do again and one which I will forever remain proud.”

The book, Circus of the Absurd, is about life and living, especially in a country like Nigeria, where, the author believes, things are largely absurd and weird.

Showcasing Mobile Capabilities

I am very interested in promoting and showcasing works that demonstrate the capabilities of modern mobile technology. Has anyone produced a short movie on mobile? Run a business on mobile? How about health and educational services? If you have news about any such, do get in touch with me please.



  1. If there was one phone it would be possible to write a book on it would be a BlackBerry. Or pretty much any phone with a QWERTY keyboard and good word processor.

  2. /// Some people still find it difficult that anybody can write that kind of volume on a phone.When people say this,
    I usually laugh ///

    I doubt if I would be able to write anything of volume using a QWERTY keyboard.

    No, thank you.

    But with a touchscreen, and using a keyboard app that supports swyping, auto correction and autocomplete, it should be easily doable.

    Before I got my first touch screen smartphone, typing ANYTHING on a phone depressed me.

    I would rather call than sms / chat – then.

    Now, I’d rather text, email or chat ,rather than call.

    Touchscreen, IT IS – for me!

  3. @Noni is very correct in saying you need a good QWERTY keyboard and a good word processor. Blackberry fits snugly in that category (just like iOS). I’ve always had problems with android keyboards till I was shown TouchPal. It looks promising. Thanks to @Harry Echemco.

    Aside from the aforementioned keyboards, I doubt if any others could perform such magic. I am not a fan of swype and has never been good at it.

    And let’s not lose sight of the aim of this post: to show what your mobiles can achieve. Mobile is practically taking over every aspect of our lives now. I do all my emails and type all articles for my blog using mobile phones and iPad. Referral letters, Medical Certificates, Letters of recommendations, etc are done on my mobile devices and transferred unto pc for printing.

    I just wonder what life would be without the mobile devices.

  4. Android has so many keyboard options. Stuck in traffic sometime this week. Fetched my Nexus device out of my bag; looked left and right to be certain ‘thieves no dey lurk’. Typed a paragraph then looked left and right again.

    Satisfied that the coast was clear, I relaxed, sheathed my dagger and proceeded to type a lengthy blog post which I’ve not gotten around to editing.

    Jellybean’s keyboard is quite good. Still want my sweet ol’ swype keyboard back. Would downloading it off the internet condemn me to hell -(
    So yeah, I can totally see myself writing such a book. But my attention can be ever so fleeting.

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