Circus of the Absurd, a book typed out on a BlackBerry


I keep hammering the mantra that it is not about mobile technology but what you do with it. The story of how a collection of short stories came to be published is an interesting case in point. Deji Rahman, formerly a journalist, and who now works with Fidelity Bank, is the writer of the collection, and he says that he typed out the stories on his BlackBerry.

Says Rahman:

“I wrote the stories over a period of six months. All the stories were written on my Blackberry phone while being driven to or from work, while waiting to see the doctor or any other person or once I am able to get an idle time on a week end. It’s all about interest, commitment and effective time management.

“If you do what is a passion to you, you will do it like some hobby. Some people still find it difficult that anybody can write that kind of volume on a phone. When people say this, I usually laugh. It was a very great and exciting experience. It was one of the most pleasurable things I have done in my life, one which I intend to do again and one which I will forever remain proud.”

The book, Circus of the Absurd, is about life and living, especially in a country like Nigeria, where, the author believes, things are largely absurd and weird.

Showcasing Mobile Capabilities

I am very interested in promoting and showcasing works that demonstrate the capabilities of modern mobile technology. Has anyone produced a short movie on mobile? Run a business on mobile? How about health and educational services? If you have news about any such, do get in touch with me please.


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