Cisco releases an Android game that fights against malware

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Cisco, like some of us know, is one of the top network system providers in the world today, but their latest venture has little or nothing to do with that. The network company has just released a game on the Android Store called Net Invaders.

The game is a tower defence game in which you simply protect your system against virus, worms and trojans using Cisco security technology tools. You protect three major areas on the Cisco island using Cisco network tools like firewalls and anti malware.

Wonder why Cisco decided to launch this game though, the game has no in-app purchases so it’s not like they are trying to make money off it. sources suggest the launch of the game is a means to make people gain more insight and promote Cisco’s security products. Well, do people really need to play this game to learn or know more about Cisco? I don’t think so.

You can head over to the Play Store to download the game anyway.


Source: Android Police

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