The cities where you can use 4G internet in Nigeria

Visafone (powered by MTN), Ntel and Smile are the three operators that offer 4G internet in Nigeria at the moment. Spectranet and Swift are deliberately left out of this list because they do not offer true mobility. Neither Spectranet nor Swift sells SIM cards without requiring you to buy a modem or router. Visafone, Ntel and Smile SIM cards can be purchased and used in a compatible smartphone of your choice.

Coverage of 4G internet in Nigeria

If you have been wondering what cities and towns in Nigeria are covered by each of these 4G mobile networks, we have got you covered (pardon the pun). Have a look at the cities that are currently covered by these three 4G networks after the jump.

network coverage - 4G internet in Nigeria


Ntel has the smallest 4G mobile footprint in the country as at this time. The only covered cities for now are the following two:

  1. Lagos
  2. Abuja

In addition, Ntel’s coverage in Lagos is still patchy outside of the major centres, so you definitely need to check out coverage in your location before biting and signing up.


While MTN has the widest mobile coverage in the country, its subsidiary, Visafone does not. Visafone 4G is available only in a limited number of locations. The seven (7) locations are:

  1. Lagos
  2. Port Harcourt
  3. Ibadan
  4. Abuja
  5. Abeokuta
  6. Sagamu
  7. Kaduna


Smile has the largest 4G footprint yet in Nigeria, though only marginally beating the new arrival, Visafone, back. The list of covered cities and towns include the following eight (8) locations:

  1. Lagos
  2. Port Harcourt
  3. Ibadan
  4. Abuja
  5. Benin City
  6. Kaduna
  7. Onitsha
  8. Asaba

4G internet in Nigeria will get better coverage over the next 6 months and beyond. More towns and cities will be added to the present locations. But at least for now, you have an idea of what obtains with each of the available 4G mobile operators.

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