Clash Of The Lumias: 720 versus 920

I know what you are going to say: “How can you pit the mid-range Lumia 720 against the flagship Lumia 920?” Don’t say it. Just bear with me. If you have followed this blog since 2008, you know very well that I am a flagship person. All other things being equal, nothing beats a flagship. The flagship has all the bells and whistles and is the most powerful wrestler in the ring. Yes; what I am doing now is pitting a middle weight champion against the heavyweight champion. Not fair; right? Perhaps. In the Windows Phone universe, the 920 is unmatched in terms of what it can do and how well it does it. There is just no contender. So, why – why in the names of the gods of mobile do I find the Lumia 720 so irresistibly attractive that I feel like it is the Lumia I should be using instead of the 920? Why? How does that make sense?

Why would I feel like giving up the Lumia 920’s superb camera with PureView technology and Optical Image Stabilisation, the bigger, more detailed and more sensitive display (768 x 1280 pixels, 4.5 inches, at 332 ppi pixel density), larger internal memory (32GB), and the larger RAM (1GB) for the Lumia 720 with a smaller less detailed, less sensitive but very good display (480 x 800 pixels, 4.3 inches at 217 ppi pixel density), half the RAM, and smaller 8GB internal memory (though option of microSD card is there)? Both displays feature Clear Black technology and Gorilla Glass 2 though.

How does that even make sense? Maybe because the Lumia 720, being smaller, fits snugly in my hand and is lighter? But can that be all? Whatever it is, something tells me that perhaps I am just spoilt for choice. It is not everyday that one has two absolutely great Lumias to play with. When one is spoilt for choice, one can bicker over whether he prefers Corn Flakes over Golden Morn or vice versa. The truth is that I have found both Lumias superb devices and would live with either. Still…. Oh, bother! Just colour me spoilt rotten.

Your Call

But, here is the question for you – If money is not an issue, which of the two Lumias will you go for – the 920 or the 720?


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