How to clear App Store cache on iOS devices

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If you experience issues with your Apple App Store app, like slow loading and frequent crashing, you might want to consider clearing your App Store cache. Like most web services, Apple App store has a cache of details on your device to make using the app easier. But you might need to clear your cache once in a while. Here’s how to clear App Store cache on your iPhone and iPad.

clear App Store cache

How to clear App Store cache on iOS devices

  1. Open App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. You’ll see the navigation icons, like Featured, Top Charts, Explore etc. at the bottom of the screen. tap on anyof the icons 10 times. This will make the screen go blank for a little while. Then the store will reload very slowly.

Note that whatever icon you choose to tap, you must tap that same icon 10 times. This will cause the app to clear all stored information from your iPhone. That’s all you need to do to clear App Store cache on your device. The only downside is that after doing this, the next time you open the app, it will take a bit of time to load. This depends on how fast your network connection is.

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