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Closing the Chapter on Symbian/Belle OS… Finally

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It has been a long road for me and the OS formerly known as Symbian. It was Ericsson who first woke up my love for smartphones with the R380s back in 2002. From that time till now, I have churned through a total of 15 Symbian/Belle smartphones. Here’s my list:

  1. Ericsson R380s (December 2002)
  2. Nokia 9210 communicator
  3. Sony Ericsson P800
  4. Nokia 9500 communicator (April 2005)
  5. Nokia E61 (August 2006)
  6. Nokia E61i (July 2007)
  7. Sony Ericsson P990i (January 2008)
  8. Sony Ericsson P1i (February 2008)
  9. Nokia E90 communicator (October 2008)
  10. Nokia E75 (June 2009)
  11. Nokia E5 (August 2010)
  12. Nokia N8 (November 2010)
  13. Nokia E7 (March 2011)
  14. Nokia 701 (December 2011)
  15. Nokia 808 PureView (October 2012)

With the arrival of Windows Phone 8 with most of the features that I have been asking for, it is time to close the Symbian/Belle chapter of my mobile adventures.


I firmly believe that the amazing Nokia 808 PureView will be my last true love from Belle OS. Why? This is the last and greatest Belle flagship smartphone. Even if there is another Belle smartphone released after this, I doubt that it will be a flagship. Trust me, the 808 will be hard to beat by any non-flagship. As such, I am almost certain that this will be my last Nokia Belle device.

From here on, my mobile heartthrob shall be the elegant Windows Phone 8. While it doesn’t yet offer everything that Symbian/Belle was known for, what it brings to the table is more than impressive enough. For me, the clean, uncluttered, distinctive UI is a winner anyday and got me hooked from the beginning. The top-notch integration of social networks is another. But now, Windows Phone also offers the following:

  • Internal memory expandable via microSD card slot
  • USB Mass Storage mode
  • Multi-tasking
  • DivX/XviD video support
  • Bluetooth file transfers
  • Superb web browser

My first Windows Phone smartphone was the HTC HD7 (January 2011), and the only other WP smartphone that I have owned after that is the HTC 7 Mozart (February 2011). After those two, I have stayed away from Windows Phone till now because of the gross limitations of versions 7 and 7.5. But WP8 is a different beast entirely that totally floats my boat, and that is likely to become my adopted mobile platform.

Of course, you do know that as a mobile addict, I will keep playing with and reviewing devices from other platforms. But for my personal day-to-day use, Windows Phone 8 is it for me. That is, as soon as Microsoft ensures that the I can make purchases from the WP Store.

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  2. I feel you. I have avoided Windows Phone all along for the same reasons I avoid Apple products.

    But now, WP8 is working hard to seduce me, and is succeeding. All that’s left to make me buy one immediately are a ‘universal’ file-manager, and for the OEMs to start selling their phones. I can live without the system-wide file manager, now that it supports Mass Storage Mode, bluetooth file transfers, and doesn’t require Zune (*spits in disgust*) to transfer files anymore.

    I’m wary, though. Windows Phones have a tendency to be quite expensive. I don’t want one that will cost twice as much as the Nexus4.

    About Symbian, I still miss my darling Nate, and I’m still looking for a fairly-used 808PV that I can buy and add to my collection. Nobody does it quite better than Symbian! King of Multitasking! *sobs*

  3. You took the right decision leaving the past to where it rightly belongs.

    My old guy was more fun to stay with but I moved on with my life when he died, though still fondly remembered.

    Windows Phone 8 is a very good modern OS, only second to Android. A very good choice, at least for a change of scene and Nokia as a hardware manufacturer is a very good option too.

  4. I will love to have a wp8 device. its only second to android on my list. I can deal with the low number of apps (which will keep growing anyway). what I wont be able to deal with is if nigeria is not allowed to make purchases from the store.

  5. Still Rocking a Nokia 808 PureView.
    How I wish Nokia brings FM transmitter and system wide file manager to WP.
    Love the USB on the go functionality on the Galaxy series and I hope Lumia 920 can compete favorably with that.

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