Besides the obvious problems that we face with the adoption of cloud storage in these parts – namely expensive and unreliable internet access – there

Cloud storage and payment issues

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Besides the obvious problems that we face with the adoption of cloud storage in these parts – namely expensive and unreliable internet access – there is another issue that hasn’t been given much attention. It hasn’t been given much attention because usage levels here have been very low.

The issue? Payments.

If you are a user of cloud storage on your mobile device, say DropBox for example, what do you do when your 2GB free allocation is used up? An annual subscription will be required. Card payments from here are almost as unreliable as mobile internet connectivity itself.

Your Mastercard works today for a purchase, and a few months later, it is returning error messages. Yes; the same way we maintain multiple internet connections, perhaps we shall have to keep multiple credit/debit cards from different banks. Sigh.

Personally, I have used only 125MB (0.5%) of my allocated 25GB. I have only important documents and a few images stored there. I have avoided uploading music and video files there. If you are using a cloud service, what percentage of the allocated space have you used?

Has anyone here made a paid subscription for any cloud service – DropBox, SkyDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, etc? What card from which bank did you use?

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  1. I haven’t made any payment and I don’t think I will anytime soon. Your dropbox alloted space is 25GB????? How come? I was alloted just 2GB but due to high usage they gave me extra 1GB. I have Google drive 5GB, Ubuntu One 5GB, making a total of 13GB. That is enough for my cloud storage. And I have Picasa for my pics (unlimited pics cloud storage , God bless Google :D)

  2. I have both dropbox and Box installed on my phone, though its been a bit long I checked my box account but for dropbox I’ve used 37% of 2.5GB alloted space.

  3. @Tosh – Mr Mo got the 25GB with his HTC One X.

    I have Dropbox and to date have put some pics and documents in but don’t think unless I have a choice I will be upgrading any time soon. I’ve got access to SkyDrive and an additional 7GB, I haven’t even started looking at Google Drive. Compartmentalising my stuff is the way to go – enjoying the free storage!

  4. I use only Dropbox to store important documents, pictures and files on my 2GB space. I’ve used about 300Mb.

    I have 25GB with Microsoft’s Skydrive, still unused.

    Payment for these cloud services is still a long way ahead, IMO.

  5. I have never paid for any cloud storage and don’t think I’ll do that anytime soon. The free storage space is enough to store my documents. It is movies and music that would take much space, and the level of internet service we have does not encourage cloud storage for those. I have space on sugar sync, drop box, box and Google drive (about 59GB total), but I have used only 250MB of my drop box. I also have very few documents on Google drive and pictures on picassa web album, but nothing on sugar sync and box at the moment.

  6. I have box installed on my phone with 50GB , i have used only 10mb… I use evernote most times.

  7. I have many of them skydrive, boxbe dropbox Asus cloud & one other I cant remember now I dont think I will ever pay for much storage space that I dont know the size for asia gives me 500GB of storage. I have not put anything in skydrive.a couple on google and boxbe. Another problem I am facing is managing passwords and encryption codes.
    Thanks Mr Mo,this write up will make me pay attention to my cloud tools

  8. For what it is worth, the more recent versions of uc web mobile browser allows 70 megabytes of permanent storage, and 1 gigabyte of temporary (7 day) storage.

    The temporary storage can be renewed perpetually

    you can download to any of the two storage types, as well as upload your local files.

    You can access your files from any mobile phone using the more recent version of uc Web

  9. With Windows Phone7 you dont have any option. Its either you use skydrive or your other emails to assess your documents coz there is no PC to Phone transfer. Now tell me how I can upload 10GB lecture notes and download them again as a student, what a heck! Meanwhile Skydrive allocates only 7GB to me

  10. i have the free box 50GB allocated for android users, dont think i have used up to 5mb. i believe i also have skydrive by virtue of having a windows live email account but i dont even use it or know what the capacity is. cloud storage is still a long long thing for me.

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