Cloud storage and payment issues

Besides the obvious problems that we face with the adoption of cloud storage in these parts – namely expensive and unreliable internet access – there is another issue that hasn’t been given much attention. It hasn’t been given much attention because usage levels here have been very low.

The issue? Payments.

If you are a user of cloud storage on your mobile device, say DropBox for example, what do you do when your 2GB free allocation is used up? An annual subscription will be required. Card payments from here are almost as unreliable as mobile internet connectivity itself.

Your Mastercard works today for a purchase, and a few months later, it is returning error messages. Yes; the same way we maintain multiple internet connections, perhaps we shall have to keep multiple credit/debit cards from different banks. Sigh.

Personally, I have used only 125MB (0.5%) of my allocated 25GB. I have only important documents and a few images stored there. I have avoided uploading music and video files there. If you are using a cloud service, what percentage of the allocated space have you used?

Has anyone here made a paid subscription for any cloud service – DropBox, SkyDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, etc? What card from which bank did you use?


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