Some cloud storage safety tips you should know

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Cloud storage is a great alternative to keeping files and other information on your devices. However, it seems to have some suspicion attached to it, especially when it comes to security. A lot of people think it is easy to hack into cloud storage services, and for good reason. However, you can still keep your cloud data safe.


  • Read the terms and conditions of your chosen service and make sure you are satisfied with them.
  • Make sure your uploads and downloads are encrypted, and if possible use a service that keeps your data encrypted in the cloud and also limits the amount of people that can access it.
  • Don’t upload anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable having accessed by someone else.
  • Do not upload content on public WiFI, like at a café or a library. Also, keep your home WiFi storage
  • Do not upload any sensitive information to the cloud. This includes nude pictures, medical records and financial information.
  • Make your password really strong, and tell it to absolutely no one.
  • Use multiple cloud services for an added layer of redundancy and back up everything outside of the cloud as well
  • Anticipate what might happen and plan for it. for example, you should be prepared in case you lose your laptop, the cloud storage servers crash, or anything else.
  • Do not assume that a cloud storage service will be reliable and you’re unlikely to be disappointed when it turns out not to be
  • Here’s one of the most important tips: make sure the service you choose has a good security reputation before you start using it.
  • There are certain tools you can use to encrypt your data before you upload it to the cloud. These include Boxcryptor, Spideroak, etc. Check them out, and use them to secure your data before it gets to the cloud.


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