Color Switch is one game you cannot put down

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There are some games that you simply cannot put down. Color Switch is one of those games. It tests your concentration and reflexes, and it is also visually stimulating. All you need to do is tap the ball across a series of colored shapes. Note that you need to follow the color pattern of the shapes, or else you lose.

Color Switch was developed by Fortafy Games. It is free to play, but this means that there are lots of ads on it. the major kind of ads are those that require you to watch a short video clip. The game itself has several modes, which include Bling, Shoot, Target, Easter, Circle, Brick, and Slide. These are separate from the main game itself, where you have to pass the ball through a lineup of circles. To unlock all the levels and remove all ads will cost you $7.99.


Color Switch is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It also has a web browser version.

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