Come play Exploding Kittens with our chatbot Zo, says Microsoft

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Exploding Kittens is a card game, consisting of a single deck of 56 cards. Each of these cards has its unique ability, which includes skipping a turn, forcing the next player to take two turns, re-shuffling the deck etc. the objective of this game is to avoid the exploding kitten card. If you do manage to draw one, you would hope to have a Defuse card on hand.

This game seems good enough to play with friends. The physical version of the game would cost you $20. However, if you prefer laying it on your phone, you can purchase the app on iOS and Android for $2. Furthermore, you can play the game with Microsoft’s social chatbot, Zo. Recently, Microsoft announced its team-up with the developer of Exploding Kittens to bring Zo into the game. According to the company, Zo is capable of having intelligent conversations with humans, and now it wants to play one-on-one matches with us.Exploding Kittens

The studio was going to create a single-player version, but did not want to make it similar to Solitaire. Thus, the social chatbot was incorporated in the game. However, on the PC version of the game there’s no real communication between the bot and the human player, according to Microsoft.

If nothing else, reports state that Zo is entertaining. In messaging apps, it is capable of carrying a conversation, even though at times it does not recognize the context of your reply. Nevertheless, the technology behind cloud-based artificial intelligence is pretty awesome.

In the solo PC version of Exploding Kittens, you might feel like you’re just playing against the game, instead of playing against a third-party artificial intelligence. Even so, it is loads of fun, regardless of Zo’s seeming lack of in-game responses.

You can play Exploding Kittens on PC through Facebook Messenger, Kik and GroupMe. To lay, just send the chatbot a message saying Play EK. You will get a link to play one-on-one against the game in Easy, Medium and Expert modes.


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