For someone who is known as Mister Mobility and who loves his phones, it must come as a surprise to anyone to hear that I

Coming out of the closet: I hate phone calls

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For someone who is known as Mister Mobility and who loves his phones, it must come as a surprise to anyone to hear that I find phone calls irritating and distracting. Sometimes, I find them stressful too. From my earliest exposure to mobile devices as a growing child, my love for data has never been in doubt. When GSM mobile telecommunications arrived in Nigeria, I immediately found out that I very much preferred data over voice. My choice of devices generally leaned towards data – Ericsson R380s, Motorola A008 Accompli, Nokia’s Communicators and the like. I barely make phone calls except when absolutely necessary, and I often find that a ringing phone constitutes a rude interruption to my train of thoughts.

As a rule, I would rather send an email, chat or send an SMS than place a phone call. Sue me. I do place and receive voice/video calls, but left to me, my hands would be doing all the communicating. I tweeted about this two days ago:

I wasn’t expecting much of a response, and so was shocked when tweep after tweep responded to say that they hate phone calls too. Oh boy! Have a look at some of the responses that I received:

Apparently, the virus is far more widespread than I had supposed:

Look, ma! No phone!!

Then, I got the surprise of my life when another gentleman responded with this:

No phone! He owns no phone – in 2013! He is far advanced on the evolutionary ladder. I wish I could evolve and adapt after him, but then without mobile phones, my life would immediately go from very exciting to terribly boring. I love my phones. I just don’t care much for telephone calls. Phone calls interrupt and demand too much attention.

Doctor, Doctor!

It looks to me like there is a whole army of people out there who do not like telephone calls. I have had to ask if there is a medical term for this. Not that I think that it is an illness or anything. But you know that there is a medical term for everything these days. If there is none for this hatred of phone calls, perhaps it is time to coin one.

What about you? Are you a hater of phone calls too and have been in hiding? It is time to come out of the closet. There is a huge family waiting to embrace you out there.


  1. I would rather not make calls. But it is not that I hate calls, just that I doubt the gneral effectiveness of calls over the other methods of using mobile devices to communicate.

    Very long calls could have health implications. At best, you ears heat up during long conversations (where an earpiece is not used). At worst, you gradually fry your brain.

    There are people who love the sound of their voices, And say in ten sentences what two would do.

    Others are inefficient in their use of words and end up wasting your time.

    Those are two classes are people I particularly avoid having telephone conversations with.

    All said, there are conversations better held via calls. These are situations where tone inflections triumph over use if emoticons.

    With written words, it is also very easy to be misunderstood, especially by people with whom you are not familiar.

    Even people you are familiar with can receive non verbal communication differently, depending on their present mood and other circumstances.

  2. Today, a friend told me that she has observed that I yawn every time I get talking on the phone. Every single time, including when I am on the phone with her. This article cleared things up for her.

    She raised the issue because I began to yawn while on the phone with her. The call ended many minutes ago, and I haven’t yawned since. Sigh. Phone calls just do me wrong.

  3. There should be a medical term for that, and am sure there is a treatment for it too.

    Perhaps a deficiency in the oxy_absorptive capacity i)of the blood.?

    Talking, making someone yawn?…wonders shall never end….lol

    without any attempt at chauvinism, yes, conversation with some garrulous females (and males, too) have a soporific effect on me too, face2face or voice calls…#flees

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