Coming to MOBILITY: Nokia 808 PureView and new show "Hangout With Mister Mo"

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Hangout With Mister Mo on Nokia 808 PureView

I am quite pleased to make two announcements today:

1. The Nokia 808 PureView is coming to courtesy of Nokia Nigeria. Yes; that is the awesomeness of a 41 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics with PureView technology. As always, I shall publish reviews and feature articles, as is my custom.

But it doesn’t end with reviews. I have consistently preached that it isn’t just about mobile technology, but about what you do with it. For that reason, the 808 PureView couldn’t arrive at a better time. Please read on.

2. Hangout With Mister Mo is a lifestyle show that we have been planning behind the scenes for a while. Recently, I had began to give pointers to this upcoming show on Twitter. I cannot unveil full details of this fun show right now, but it will involve you in exciting ways, and will be available online here on The show will include text, pictures and video, all for your infotainment.

Expect to see upwardly mobile people, music, dance, places, the coolest mobiles, and other fun stuff on the show. Because we believe in demonstrating the capabilities of mobile, all still images and videos for Hangout With Mister Mo will be shot on a mobile. Our initial plans had been to use the HTC One X, but with the PureView arriving next week, there’s no argument about what device should do the honours. The Nokia 808 PureView will be the official still and video camera for the show.

Want To Appear on Hangout With Mister Mo?
Would you love to appear as a guest on the show? We have a number of people lined up already. You don’t have to be geeky. You do need to own and use a phone, even if its a Nokia 3310, and you need to be fun-loving and trendy. No staid people in suits sitting and talking people to boredom here. For now, you have to be located in Lagos (we will extend it across the country shortly).

Just send me a mail via mister AT, expressing your interest to appear on the show. Use “Hangout With Mister Mo” as the subject of the mail.

Let’s Go!
Excited? Yes; is about to hit a new pitch, and what we have in the works is unprecedented in the industry. The party goes on and on.

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