About two weeks ago, brym! sent Yom a mail with a complaint about comments posted via Opera Mini 5 for Windows Mobile. Here is the

Comments posted via Opera Mini 5 disappearing

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About two weeks ago, brym! sent Yom a mail with a complaint about comments posted via Opera Mini 5 for Windows Mobile. Here is the body of the mail:

Have you received my comments on your latest post? I also commented on the opera mini native post but didn’t see it. Both comments were posted using the new opera mini 5 native application for WinMo devices.

Of course, we hadn’t seen any of the comments that brym! submitted.

This morning, kay123 also submitted the following comment with regards Opera Mini 5:

Why can’t i post a comment from opera mini 5? Comments typed on OM5 results in time wasting, I have been observing this for some time.

It looks like there is a bug with the new releases of Opera Mini. Has anyone experienced this? If you have a Symbian, Windows Mobile or Android phone, could you install Opera Mini 5 and post a comment on this thread?

Meanwhile, here’s how to submit good bug reports to Opera.


  1. I agree some of my comments do not appear, but most do appear. maybe it has to do with the comment moderation

  2. @martinkem,

    We regularly check our SPAMbox for comments marked in error as SPAM. None of those comments from Opera Mini 5 showed up there.

    However, we do have a plugin called Bad Behaviour that denies automated spambots access to the site. Let’s investigate the possibility that this plugin blocks some comments from Opera Mini 5 in error.

    @all: We have now deactivated Bad Behaviour. Please post away with Opera Mini 5 and let’s see what happens.

    @kay123: Don’t mention it. We are here for you all.

  3. I also sent you a mail relating to this topic sometime ago.

    I’ve sent comments to mobilitynigeria topics in the past through opera mini 5beta, and 5 beta2 and the comments get posted.

    I obseved the current situation few weeks after the release of 5 beta 2, Possibly in the process of trying to make the website better something went wrong, also you have to re-login to forum anytime om5 is opened.

    ”Your comment is awaiting moderation” is the normal message that should be displayed after submiting a comment but on Opera mini 5 it works as if the page is refreshed.

    Posting comments on Bolt browser also has some issues, the comments gets posted but insted of the moderation message you are told to ……….contact Yomi Adegboye………

  4. I have also observed this issue of posts not appearing. The first time I observed this on MobilityNigeria, I thought it was blocked because of its particularly noxious content.

    However, I have noticed that it also happens sporadically when posting comments on FaceBook as well as when I send emails with GMail. Looks like it is a bug with Opera Mini 4 and 5. I do not experience this with Opera Mini 3.12 and UCWEb 7 or Bolt 1.7

    It happens only intermittently. Quite unpredictable.

    What I do is ‘Copy’ a comment / email before attempting to post/send. If it fails, I then ‘Paste’ & resend (this usually works on 2nd/3rd attempt) or I use the UcWeb browser..

    This comment was initially (UNSUCCESSFULLY) posted using Opera 5 Beta 2…Had to shift to Opera Mini Mod 3.12 Final..

  5. What i discover is that the comment posted is not shown. But i simply close the browser and open MobilityNigeria on another browser and sometimes the comment not seen in opera mini is right there.

  6. Since late last year, I ve noticed that if I want to write or post comments on some sites using my phone, they usually dont get posted @ first trial. When this happen, I always keep ‘forcing’ the comments until they get posted. I ve also observed that this occur on Opera mini 4.2 & 5.

  7. Thanks for this topic.

    I usually like posting stuff via mobile and I use Tea Shark. I notice that posting on mobility Nigeria is a hit or miss. Its mostly a miss. Its fustrating to type for long, endure repetitive motion pains and fail to post in the end. This, unforturnately, has reduced the number of times I post.

  8. Can y’all give it a shot now – try posting a comment with the browsers (Opera Mini 5 and Teashark) that you’ve been having issues with. If it is still not working, its likely an issue with those browsers.

  9. This problem is not restricted to opera mini and mobilitynigeria. I”ve noticed it with mozila and other sites as well. But while not displaying the post, it is actually posted and there. I once or twice re post same words and alireta says something like ” you have posted that before”. Closing the browser and opening a nother one to the page or opening the page much later with same browser usually displays the post in this case.

  10. Here we go again. My post in reply to Yom’s article: Usability and Non touchscreen Phones is not appearing after page refresh. Browser: I.E. 8 on Windows XP using Acer Aspire One netbook.

    Any answers? Any solutions? Of course i wouldn’t expect any if this post doesn’t register.

  11. deoladoctor,

    We have been experiencing the “refresh issue” you mentioned at our end too. Not sure what is behind it now, but we are looking. The most likely culprit will be a cache plugin of some sort. Musing now: We create something to address one issue and it throws up another…

    I am having WPSuperCache disabled for the weekend to see if this issue goes away. Post away now and let’s have your feedback.


  12. Hello all,

    The failed refresh issue has disappeared at our end since WPSuperCache was disabled. Any more feedback from others? Thanks.

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