Modern day challenges require modern solutions. It is no different in the commercial sector. In order to meet their full potential, investors in both large

Commercial Collaborative Robots: All You Need To Know

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Modern day challenges require modern solutions. It is no different in the commercial sector. In order to meet their full potential, investors in both large and small scale productions need to embrace customizable and user-friendly technologies that will enable them to boost their production. The answer is commercial collaborative robots. Universal Robots is a reliable and trusted robotic company that has some of the best-selling cobots that have proved to be a worthy addition to many commercial and industrial producers and manufacturers.

What Are Commercial Collaborative Robots?

Collaborative robots are basically robots that have been designed with features that allow them to integrate and work safely with human counterparts. This innovation is based on the knowledge that robotics cannot completely rule out the need for human intelligence in a production process. As such, collaborative robots are fitted with high-end safety measures and techniques which eliminate the need for caging as has been the case with industrial robots.

Collaborative robots have many benefits including an unlimited versatility. They have an easy to learn programming which makes them fit for different tasks. Commercial collaborative robots are highly beneficial to small, medium and large manufacturers. They help save time that would have otherwise been spent on performing repetitive or tedious tasks. This time is channeled to more productive and sensitive tasks which are important for commercial operations.

Four Major Benefits of Integrating Collaborative Robots in Commercial Operations

Other than aiming to only make a production process quick, commercial collaborative robots are designed to provide assistance and augment the skills of the working human creating a refined relationship between the two in the same working environment. Below is a look at the four main benefits that manufacturers who choose to invest in commercial cobots bring to the table.

Safe Handling of Repetitive, Complex and Dangerous Tasks

Working side by side with humans is not all that commercial cobots can do; they are able to effectively take on tasks that simply cannot be done by humans or those that would be too risky or tedious for a human. For instance, in the packaging of surgical tools like needles and blades or in motor vehicle parts assembling. Cobots are able to complete such tasks without compromising on the efficacy. This is unlike a human worker who would either be exposed to potential danger or cause some errors due to boredom. The efficiency of collaborative robots in such industries boosts the quality and quantity of the products. This creates an avenue for good business.

Increased Returns on Investments

A well-informed combination of commercial robots, human empowerment and enough technical support can see a return on investment within a year or even less. Since they are designed with no barriers in order to integrate safely with the human worker, little or no time at all is lost. All the available time is invested in activities that either hasten or improve the company’s productivity.

Versatility for Many Manufacturing Needs

The perception that robots are only useful for large manufacturers should be tossed away. Gone are those days. Today, and thanks to cobots, manufacturers of all sizes are embracing automation. There are sizeable robots which are an ideal aid in different applications such as packaging, polishing, assembling, loading and off-loading, sorting and dispensing. Commercial cobots can be reprogrammed to complete different tasks to precision.

Greater Flexibility at the Factory Floors

Caged robots are expensive to install and maintain. Because cobots are not very huge helps create a relevant degree of flexibility on the factory floors. They do not have to be housed in grilled cages or the attention of professional programmer all the time. They can be placed on benches and still operate quite fine. They can be deployed in the same working space with humans flexibly. These robots not only free up the factory floors but also significantly cut down the cost of production.

Commercial Collaborative Robots by Universal Robots


Any robotic investment should be informed by a careful analysis of the requirements and needs of a production unit. This foundation will help choose the right technology add-on to suit the needs at hand. Not sure on the right commercial robot? You can always reach out to trusted market leaders like Universal Robots. With their team of technicians, you are sure to find a customized solution for your commercial production needs.

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