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FindTheBest, an online products comparison site, has launched a Smartphone Buyer’s Guide section. This new section allows users to compare smartphones based on price, specs, cell phone plans, monthly access rates, plans, and more.

Most significantly, FindTheBest said that the guide pulls in information on carriers and plans, including helping to filter plans by contract requirements and carrier support.

I was interested in seeing how it works, so I headed to the smartphone section. I ran a couple of searches that seemed to return results that were accurate. However, one of the searches turned up something interesting. Here’s how it went:

Using the “Filter Results” left sidebar, I selected the features that I was interested in. In this case, under Wireless Connectivity, I picked “3G”; and under General Features, I picked “FM Transmitter”.

The results were way off though, because of the five devices returned, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, BlackBerry 9630, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro, Pantech Crossover, and Sony Ericsson Vivaz, not one had an FM Transmitter.

FindTheBest search
A search for 3G device with FM Transmitter

I know that the Nokia N8 has an FM Transmitter, but it wasn’t on the list. That suggests that FindTheBest is US-centric, seeing that the N8 is not carrier supported in the U.S. Still, the results showing five different phones, and none of which have an FM transmitter, is worrying. That suggests that the database needs further tweaking.

I scrolled further down in the left sidebar to the camera section, and adjusted the camera slider to “12 megapixels”. The page returned the following:

No results were found. Try adjusting the filters.

Are we missing something? Add It!

Again, the Nokia N8, which has both FM transmitter and a 12 megapixel camera, is missing. As long as we bear in mind that this service is likely US-centric, no problems again.

The nifty part is that users can help fill in the gaps in the database of FindTheBest. A login is required, and IDs from Facebook, Google, AOL, Yahoo, and OpenID are accepted, so almost everyone should be able to login without having to create a FindTheBest account, an option that is also available.

FindTheBest’s smartphone section seems targeted strictly at the U.S. market, so users from that region will probably benefit the most from this service. It should be a Godsend tool for those looking for smartphones and plans in that market.