Hello Mobilistas! It has been a really long time since I posted here. My last feature on here was about my meet up with my

Computer Village Story: Mobility Arena is connecting people

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Hello Mobilistas! It has been a really long time since I posted here. My last feature on here was about my meet up with my Mr Mo over a month ago. Anyway, your girl, Olamide, is here again now with another story – a Computer Village story.

Computer Village Story

The Computer Village Story: Enter Mr Swot

Guess what happened? I was at Computer village in Ikeja, Lagos earlier to make enquiries about a laptop and external hard drive. Specifically, I went to see Mr Swot (who is also a mobilista). On getting there, I met a number of customers waiting, so I sat down and was admiring the phone of the person seating next to me.

He was actually switching from a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to a Samsung Note 5 with the Smart Switch App. As an Oliver twist, I was already thinking about how to change my Gionee S5 Plus and probably getting a cute Samsung device.

The Computer Village Story: Enter Mr. Sola ola

After a while, Mr Swot called me by name to call my attention to something and then the client whose phones I was admiring looked up and asked me, “Are you the WorldFamous Lammy on Mobility?” I replied with a yes. Surprise! It turened out he was Sola Ola!! He launched into telling ,e how he is an avid Mobility Arena reader. He added that he has read my blog posts, as well as Mr. Mo’s mention of me in a series of his blog posts.

There Was Pounded Yam Too

We went on to talk about phones, apps, gadgets, a little bit of politics, and all. We ended the chat with a lunch at the Computer Village’s famous pounded yam only Stella kitchen.

It was nice to meet Sola Ola, who is not just an Android sheep but also a Samsung ‘fan boy’. Truly, Mobility Arena is connecting people everywhere. Till my next blogpost or feature, I remain WorldFamous Lammy.

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  1. That’s how I luckily bumped into the “world famous lammy” in Mr Swot’s office o. Such a cool babel. Kai! E pain me say I don marry tho. Erm…thanks Lammy for not putting the part where I said I love gadgets else I’ll start taking pocket money from her.
    Samsung fan boy? Maybe. I have used all the Samsung S series (S1 to S7 edge) also all note series. Yes I’m a Samsung fan boy. Lol. SAMSUNG DIGITall, EVERYONE’S INVITED!

  2. So, Mr Swot is the place to hang out, accidentally bump into Mobilistas and end the adventure at Stella’s Kitchen? Noted 😀

  3. Did I hear someone say “pounded yam”? I need to locate this Stella’s kitchen. Hopefully, Stella isn’t one of those biological terrorists who lace their soups with high radiation pepper.

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