Consider these before buying that cheap Android tablet

This is a follow-up to an earlier post, Lowcost Android 2.2 Tablet (Wonder Media). I need to re-emphasize the major setbacks of the numerous lowcost android tablets being rolled out by Asian manufacturers in recent time. I am doing this because of the enquiries I have been getting lately about these tablets.

Here are some things you need to note about them before exchanging your money for them.

  • Poor touch sensitivity: This seems to be the major disadvantage of these tablets. Most (if not all) of them are not responsive enough. You will have to press hard on the display to get anything done on them. Most of them come with a resistive touchscreen. This may not be a disadvantage for those who have never used a touchscreen device.
  • Camera: Do not expect to take useful pictures with these tablets. Most of them come with 1.3 Mega Pixel. The best you can achieve is a blurred image capture. In fact, I even doubt if it is really 1.3 Mega Pixels; it’s just poor.
  • No Windows PC Driver: Unlike other tablets, you will not be able to connect these tablets to your computer. So, forget about charging your tablet with your computer or transferring files via USB from your computer.
  • No phone feature: This shouldn’t be a con for a tablet, but I need to make it clear that most of the lowcost tablets cannot make or receive calls. Someone mentioned “lowcost android phone” in a recent mail to me while referring to my post about the Wonder Media tablet. Don’t be deceived by the “3G Support” you find on those adverts. Most of them have no SIM port. However, I have seen some that have phone functionality, but those are more expensive. Be sure to confirm from the manufacturer or seller as the case may be, before making a purchase.
  • Battery: Don’t expect these guys to take you through out the day on a full battery. The maximum I have seen on these tablets is 3 hours, depending on your usage. Many of the manufacturers promise 8+ hours, but I have not seen one that lasts as long as that.
  • Speaker: The best way to enjoy your music is by plugging an earpiece to it. The speaker is not loud enough for out-door sound enjoyment.

The above setbacks are actually pardonable for a $61 tablet. If your budget is extremely tight and you still want to enjoy Android OS, then you might want to give these cheap tablets a trial.

Also note that the prices I have been quoting is exclusive of shipping. Some of the retailers have free shipping packages, but even at that it might take 2-3 weeks before it arrives Nigeria.

For now, I am not sure of how much these tablets cost in the Nigerian market, but I heard it’s available at the popular computer village in Ikeja, Lagos.

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  1. Great practical post.

    The above setbacks are actually pardonable for a$61 tablet
    Yes o! one can not expect premium performance from budget prized devices. Naturally.That is unless it is being subsidized from some quarters.

    Na as money big reach – medicine dey big reach.

  2. No Windows PC Driver: Unlike other tablets, you will not be able to connect these tablets to your computer. So, forget about charging your tablet with your computer or transferring files via USB from your computer.

    It is important to note that lack of PC driver will not prevent any device from being charged through the USB port. It can only prevent sharing of files.

    Again in your last post, I mentioned an Android app called File expert that is capable of replacing the USB cable for most of file transfer needs. Even on my device, I prefer using the app than connecting through the USB port, it’s a lot more convenient for me transfering files this way.

    1. Harry Echemco,

      Yes! Really, most of them do not have USB cord to connect them to a PC; not to talk of charging them via PC. (Apologies for not stating that expressly).

      Your comment on File Expert was seen, noted and listed for review soon.

      Thank you so much.

  3. This is good info been shared. Many of us have always gone ahead to jump at certain products without actually knowing the detailed specs of the item only to find out the hard way. That is after shelling out your hard earned money of course and you start wishing “ONLY IF I HAD KNOWN!!!!!” At least i am sure each one of us must have at one point or another purchased a device only to keep wishing “IF ONLY IT HAD THIS FEATURE”.

    I know there is no perfect device out there but at least getting one which meets most of your requirements is paramount, that’s what we benefit here at Mobility Nigeria. The wealth of information on this site have enabled us take informed decisions before acquiring such gadgets.

    Once again thumbs up MN and keep it up.

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