This report was sent in by Mr. Kayode Sokunbi, a Glo BlackBerry subscriber. On 17th May, 2012, I noticed that the network signal on my

Consumer Complaint: Glo BlackBerry blackout

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This report was sent in by Mr. Kayode Sokunbi, a Glo BlackBerry subscriber.

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On 17th May, 2012, I noticed that the network signal on my blackberry smartphone was displaying GSM [This usually reflects non-availability of BlackBerry service – Editor]. I put a call through to GloMobile blackberry helpdesk and I was told that they were having network issues.

The signal just came back today and it is disheartening that GloMobile never said anything – not even text messages to apologise for the disruption.

What will happen to those whose subscriptions expired while the disruptions lasted, and will the consumers who were affected be compensated?

Were you affected in any way by this outage? Please do let us know by making use of the comments section below.

  1. I had the same experience with glo, I am not satisfy with glo blackberry subscription despite the fact that them claimed to give higher number of data value their network is disgrace to this country NCC need to checkmate all this idiosyncratic attitute. Conclusively national assembly need to do reasonable corrections by the way sanction scammer among network provider in Nigeria

  2. Its very annoying for 4 daz without bis, no apology no nothing. Glo acted as if nothing happened.

  3. i am currently experiencing the same issue, i subscribed to GLO BIS on monday(In Abeokuta) and BIS network disappeared on wednesday evening, i called the customer care several times and they kept telling to do a hard reset on my device, came to lagos on friday thinking the issue was just in abeokuta, it was indeed very worse, i called the customer care again and told them i deserrve to be compensated, the CC officer told be to send a mail to their blackberry customer care email

  4. As a follow up to the above post,two guys from glomobile contacted me last night via email acknowledging the receipt of my email and promising that something will be done.
    I am still waiting!

  5. i subscribed for blackberry on my tecno Q1 and is not working i was told from customer care that it can b converted to megabite

  6. Ooo my gud Lord, one of d most frustrating n annoying network have ever used in my entire life… No blessed day dt I dnt have a network seizure problem I call d customer care virtually everyweek, ds is dishearten today been 16/4/15 I Cnt even browse @ all d network either goes off completely or return without it functioning. At times 2-3 days I dnt hv network on my gadget 4 call n data. pls Glo network should fix der Damn pissing network dan payin all ds celebrities 2 be der ambassadors Wu dnt even use d network…Abegggg I don tire. 4rm Girei Adamawa st.

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