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This article is based on a phone call between Me and Gbenro. While I do not work for or Represent Microsoft, I market their products and I am in contact with a couple of dealers. Enjoy!

Gbenro: I, for one, will not go down without a fight, nor will I go quietly.
Me: What now?! I haven’t had lunch.
Gbenro: I am Ijebu, I don’t joke with money, and I take agreements seriously.
Me: Good Afternoon. Kilonshele? (Yoruba for What’s up)
Gbenro: I was Microsoft certified before it became fashionable. I always upgrade my certifications with every reiteration of the OS. I already have 24 upgrades to Windows 8 done. I understand the Tiles interface. I like Windows 8. I like the Live tiles. It makes perfect sense for this generation. The Surface as specked is a good device. I have seen one, and it is the perfect in-between a phone and a laptop. Forget the iPad. This is the only device out now that gives real definition to mobility.
Me: Well it’s your airtime, you can waste your time reading your CV or you can tell me what’s happening.
Gbenro: I don’t want to rant, I don’t want to rave. I just want to be treated professionally. I am not just a user; I am an IT decision maker. I can make or kill a product in my circle of influence.
Me: Whistling tune to “Bobo yi o tie le, bobo yi o tie le”
Gbenro: I pre-ordered a Surface, to be delivered on the 26th. But it wasn’t delivered. No communication on delays. No communication. No communication. This is not professional. Even a Nigerian Telecoms company wouldn’t do this. I don’t think it is racism. I think the problem is that my name is not Gates. He has had his for over a month.
Me: Are you done?
Gbenro: No, (Lapses into Yoruba) Mi o ni gba, won gbowo mi, won de so nkannkan. Bla bla bla bla….
Me: What will you do for me if I get you one tomorrow?
Gbenro: ehm… ehm…
Me: You will shut up and write me a good review on Mobility Blog
Gbenro: Ok. Deal. Waiting (Sounding joyously excited)

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