How to convert your Android device to Wireless speakers

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So you just got a laptop and the speakers went pssst!! No thanks to VLC Media Player. Below is a quick tutorial on how to stream the audio on your PC to your Android smartphone. This literally means your Android device now works as an external speaker for your laptop.

Android to speakers
Download Soundwire for your Android device HERE.

Download the corresponding Windows or Linux PC app HERE.

Open the PC app. It should look like the screenshot below:Soundwire_PC

Open the mobile app, and tap on the “Connect” button (coiled wire image) to connect to the server and begin listening. If the server address box is blank, the app will automatically locate the server. When the wire glows you have a good connection.

Soundwire ss
That’s all.

In occasions where you experience some latency, reduce your buffer size for improved performance. You can set yours like the screenshot below.
Soundwire Screenshot
Even when you plug in earphones on the laptop, the audio still streams on the Android device. This is also a nice way to make that your old Android device still useful.

Update: 21/8/2015

Pardon me I missed out on a few things. The laptop and phone needs to be connected via WiFi hotspot or you do a Bluetooth tethering to connect both of them


  1. I swear, this is one of the best tips I have heard of this year.

    Thanks Prince Elroy!

  2. You didn’t give full explanation on how to use it, does it work with a wireless router? Bluetooth? Or what? Mine keeps saying no network found. Be more explicit.

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